small talk (REMIX)

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fuck the small talk, i need conversation.
put it on a pin and get to erasin'
need this bag, cause I'm stuck eatin' raisins
got one wish, and that shit is to make it.
gotta get the green, the wish is to rake it.
but we gotta play smart and keep it patient.
head's in the clouds, there's a reason i'm latent
no labels on the boy, that shit is a rape trip.
bet that didn't hit ya, like neo in the matrix
stayin' low like if fantano were to rate this
makin' a meal, and you bet we filet it.
all up my grille? you don't get to taste it.
mind in the clouds, just sittin' by the lake and.
stay on my waves so at least the state rinsed
true that i'm iced out, chillin' with my loved one.
get her a ring? that shit is a must bruh.
words couldn't express how much i love her.
//verse 2 (tredd)
Stop playing wit a boss like that
7 rings on my hand im a buccaneer
I just do my fuckin job like that
D. Rose in the paint it’s my fucking year
Knee snap , then I’m packing up
The bag lost in the bottom of the basket, dump
The ball back, call me Barkley I back Em up
Like two shaqs in the post, Imma sandwich em
I’m back, trigger wanna blast off my hand, it’s jumping
Sick bastard, the ratchet gon damage somethin
ain’t saying I’m the best, but if they all on vacation
Then I’m summoning a demon bitch, I am jaystation
Got em ten toes tyreek, I’m runnin wit my side-piece
I ain’t talking baddies but I keep that shit beside me
//verse 3 (johnny g)
Might overdose cuz my lines are too dope.
Run down on ops like my name Usain Bolt.
I'll kill 'em all and the case will stay cold.
Murder their fams just to see how they cope.
Why these dumbasses pretend to be woke?
Snakes in the grass so I'm breaking their mold.
Ain't scared of shit, run your mouth, get exposed.
Pasty white phantom, I rep the East Coast.
Bitch, I'm a beast that you shouldn't provoke.
Y'all ain't on par, you have too many strokes.
Fucking with me, I'll make sure you get smoked.
Slaughter these kids, with their blood, I am soaked.
I'm always serious, this ain't a joke.
I'll bash your head in with two cans of Coke.
Stolen their souls and I've stolen their hope.
This shit is over, man, that's all she wrote.

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