Girlfriend Greatness: You Can Ch...

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Everyone knows
Every time I'm asked I have froze
Because of the beautiful body they'd expose
Yeah, everyone knows!
Honey I'm sorry
I've been on a good virgin spree
Never have I seen a pussy
That is my history!
Now listen though
If you would like to show
You can get me dirty
You just have to tell me that you're thirty!
Yeah you can change that
It is my only factor
I won't wear my hat
Just be ready for the rapture!
You can feel my serpentine
And you can just let yourself shine
Cause, honey I like your design
It is the biggest sign!
Yeah you are so devine
And honey your mouth tastes like wine
My virginity will decline
After the sunshine!
Oh you can change that
Because you are the greatest cat
You have an amazing rack
Greater than a deer!
Oh I said you can change that
Oh honey I don't mind
My parents just cant know
Or I will be defined!
You can change that
Yeah you can change that
There is no stopping you
Yeah I said you can change that!

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