Dear god

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Dear God please let her be the one
i know you made us meet for a reason
yes ive said that i have felt love for many
but i feel like this is the one i mean you see her shes a beauty
Please let us last dont let her leave
father cant you see
this amazing women has cured me from so many demons
i cant wait to tie the strings
we are both perfect for each other
yes we met as strangers
but i can assure that no matter what i wont give up on her
shes the strongest women ive met she a powerful warrior
if she leaves then ill go insane
weve gone though so much every test you throw at us we have overcame
Dear god please i beg you im on my knees
please let us make memories
girl you know id do anything for you
our happiness is way overdue
i made a vow to never let u go to always protect you when i near
lets just disappear
so please father i pray to you that we are soul mates
and that were not just another pair for heartbreaks

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