Girlfriend Greatness: My Dear

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Oh honey
Would you like some company
Did you know that outside it is sunny
There is much opportunity!
Why are you sad
I would rather you be glad
By the way
You are really rad!
Oh my dear
Just know that I'm here
I will never disappear
What you need you can whisper in my ear!
Yeah my dear
You are my atmosphere
Oh oh my dear
There is nothing here to fear!
My dear
I will protect you from anything severe
Hell yeah my dear
You are my greatest peer!
What is it you fear
You should be filled with cheer
Please don't disappear
You still have a great career!
Oh oh my dear
I am always here
And with me
There should be nothing to fear!
Oh my dear
Oh whoa my dear
Yeah dear
Dear, my dear!

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