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Production by Dextah

Been a bit too quick with the quips, and this has society
Much too pissed at all this, the parents are rioting
"Stop this shit, Its dangerous!" We share interesting rivalry
If you say kids will be kids then why are you silencing
Whats deemed as offensive, I'm on the offensive
When I write I'm obsessive, with a mic im possessive
People I hate most are the ones who sit right on the fences
Pick a side be selective, just say I rhyme too aggressive
Hate on me even though I align with progressives
We share beliefs, but you wanna silence my message
Then you're wondering why Republicans who lie win elections
I'd say it's time to move on from political correctness
You can judge me all you want
But with this shit I'm a savant
So I deserving of the right to taunt
And flex my skills, I like to flaunt
The style I possess is too unique to be categorized
When I just flex, you won't be able to bat your eyes
Could try to best, but most likely my reach is amplified
And I finesse your fans and they quietly just pass you by
See the rocky road I overcame was full of ups and down
The cops patrolled, they show us hate caused us to frown
This glock I hold is the only way I survived underground
I lock and load and so I came to fucking run the town
Now I preach to the choir, let me warn the swarm
The way I am wired allows me to ignore the scorn
And I'll never tire even if I am the dormant sort
Everything prior's just been the calm before the storm
I am become death, God of fire, I'm doctor Oppenheimer
The atomic bomb designer except dawg I drop it higher
And I'll take you down with me like a Kamikaze fighter
And leave ya looking to say its fake, like Holocaust deniers
But the way I scored its like I got the multipliers
In this Rap game, and the boss ain't hard to fight, I
Came to fame through hating gays to laying waste
To all of those who say I'm lame, I'm taking names
And like the murder hornet, i'm buzzed and I sting
This is an early warning, don't go touching my wings
Yeah I did wasted features, they didn't make believers
I'll just pop maybe three or four more pain relievers
Been stirring the pot, even when they turn the beat off
I'm like Steph curry, he's hot and ev-ery three drops
When I'm writing it seems like I'm caustic and mean
I'm just a Psycho with schemes, I stay dropping the heat
With this mic I'm a fiend, so do not intervene
If you don't like what I preach, you can just nod to the beat

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