Appetite For Destruction Volume ...

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You are a mystery
That I cannot comply with
You are a box
In which I cannot open!
I cannot understand why you act the ways you
There is no one but God that knows what to do
You are a demon that cannot be controlled
Not even music can transform you not even rock and roll!
Why don't you abandon you post
For you aren't doing your job correctly
You are letting in the strangers
You are compromising the mission!
You are not trying to act normal
I know you do not care because you never do
Why aren't you trying
Not even for me!
There is no understanding
No understanding at all
There is no understanding
I will never ask you why you act this way
There is no understanding
There is no reason
Why do you continue to do this!
If I were not your son I would put you in a mental hospital
If you were a zombie I would not hesitate to shoot my pistol
If you were in mine craft you would be so little
There is no better understanding that would be more simple!
You are flipping crazy
Yeah I I I I I I I I said it
You are crazy
Flipping crazy!
There is no understanding
None at all
There is no understanding
No understanding!

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