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Yo, huh, uh, uh, uh ya,
I'm pushing myself harder, so harder,
Times are getting harder,
The world seems strange at times,
You know I ain't smarter thinking sometimes,
Uh sometimes sadness, sometimes madness,
sadness and sin nothing but shame and pain,
Tearing everyone's brain, costing everyone pain,
Nothing compared to bad luck,
But my heart keeps saying no goodbyes,
So please stay I never been good with goodbyes, I want pain no more,
Why don't you take a sip up on this champagne, take a lil rest,
Cause you drivin me crazy,
And you ain't bothered a bit now, baby,uh uh uh,
Its hurtin, its hurtin, its killin,
There ain;t no breathin,
'Til the day I stop breathin' I'm not giving it up,
You are my future, my breath, my life the key to my heart,
See i’ll be cool as long as you just play your part,
Cause all I want is you, baby,
Lock my heart up, this is jail, throw away the key,
But you are the only I needa right now,
They only seem to take/ they only make you fade,
These lyrics come from the heart, UH UH UH!

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