Born from pain

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[HOOK] I was born from pain (5x)
(starts 0:13)
I was born for this, I put my soul in this, not no demon shit
I could die for this, they all looking in, they all looking in,
grind through the pain, working sleepless nights, I got hurt countless times
but I got right, I was down bad, now my numbers up,
mama told me advice, to keep that head right up,
in your hardest time, I looked up to you,
and you showed this world, you were invincible, couldn't get at you
so I know it works even if I'm hurt ill still give a smirk
because... I.
[HOOK] I was born from pain (5x)
I wasn't born from money, I was far from that,
had to get my own, now I sip on chardonnay, look how fast life goes,
though my mindset will never change, cuz I was born from pain,
even if I'm paid, yeah I know ill blow, just like a grenade,
some just can't relate, it doesn't hurt to say
I was born from pain yes, I was born from pain.
I was born from pain (5x)
Imma be the best, I promised all of them that, my team rocket,
I'll blast off again, I was made for this,
I love the sun, but I cant wait, just to make it rain.
[HOOK] we were born from pain (∞)
(end at around 2:00)

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