Uk drill freestyle

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I'd say I'm the king of rap
but no one would believe that
I'd say the ace is back
but I've always been here at
my palace eating wap
I'm done chasing crap
who says rap god ain't black
em is good but Pac is cracked
Pac is cracked
the machine's a mystery just like Shaq
I got everything you lack
I'm a man alone I don't gotta pack
like the police, we checking that sack
yes I'm hungry give me a snack
I don't gotta gang so you can't attack
cause of covid you can't Unmask
you can't see that I'm mustached
I'm better than the rest of you
check all these bars that I spew
just like Kurt imma go pew pew
imma go pew pew
leggo my eggo
I yell hear my echo
In Hawaii caught gecko
Yeah Yeah lets gooooooo!!!!
Yeah Yeah lets gooooooo!!!!
Yeah Yeah lets gooooooo!!!!
I got 4 homies
I'm not searching but still roaming
I'm not winning but still bowling
I passed puberty but it's still growing
not in a boat but still rowing
not in a truck but still towing
not playing ball but still throwing
not in a river but I'm flowing
not the 6 god I'm one man
I show where I'm from on my hand
i'm from the D like em's my dad
he raised me more than my actual dad
more than anyone I like being mad
sometimes I like being sad
9 plus 10 can you add
21 bitch your a stupid ass

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