Trial Run 2: Just a Kid

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You know you can't say anything
Or it will offend me
Why don't you host a meeting
That I will attend!
You get nothing when you doubt me
You will understand though once you see
You will think I am just a nobody
That is incorrect!
I have a plan
It is to destroy all of you with this music
Everyone in the flipping rock community
Will be crushed!
That is something you must trust
If you wish not to turn to must
You will find you have to bust
Once you have started to rust!
I know what you said
Why don't you just repeat it
Just lay in your bed
And know you are famous no more!
I still can hear it
It always rings in my ears
Oh dear
You said I was just a kid!
You never though I would have potential
You never knew I would be special
You never thought this would be harmful
I know how much you are marveled!
You were never a good friend
You never even tried to pretend
There is time you could never spend
Because you had your stupid girlfriend!
I think you're dumb
I know you don't understand why
I think you're dumb
Don't even try!

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