Trial Run 2: Not Interested

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Now that I am deeper in my path
Just like my dad wanted to hath
I am taking music under my wing
Oh yeah yeah I will sing!
I do not care if you bang your heads
I do not care if you do stuff you regret
Get the rep
We have a giant threat!
But you
You do not know!
You never will
You never will
Just pay the bill
And you will be fine!
I do not care how much it costs
I do not care if you swim with the sharks
I do not care if it gives you marks
Because I am not interested!
I am not interested
And and I will never be
I do not care if you listen
Because you at least can hear me!
Yeah yeah don't even try
Could make you cry!
Don't want you to get high
Don't wanna die!
Am not interested
Will never be!
Why don't you
Oh oh oh
Shut the hell up!
Won't you please
Because I am sick of you
Won't you please
Shut up!
Shut up
You are a flipping horse
Shut up
You suck!

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