Trail Run 2: This Is Fun

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I so far even being so young
I really enjoy this career path
My strings before have been strung
But now you feel my true wrath!
You cannot understand how this is making me feel
I am feeling so bliss
You might be thinking still
What oh what oh what oh what is this!
My songs might seem childish
Then again I am only a teen
Why don't you come and help me wash this dish
On the other side the grass is never green!
Again, it might seem weird
Knowing at this how good I am
Haven't you ever seen a deer
The last thing it hears is bam!
This is fun
Oh oh yeah this is fun
You will not convince me to stop
For this is fun!
This is fun
Matching the beat
This is fun
Maybe this song I will repeat!
This is fun
Matching the beat
This is fun
I am about to say yeet!
You can't convince me
Can't convince me
Of something different
Because it really is fun!
This is fun
Yeah yeah yeah
Eh yeah
Oh oh this is fun!
This is fun
This is fun
Woah yeah
This is fun!

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