Trial Run 1: Unsatisfied

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I have a taste for victory
In case you didn't know
I will be my life history
In which I will bestow!
You can joke around and think I suck
But my honest opinion is that the one that sucks is you
I have much much better luck
There is nothing you can do!
I will always want to get better
I will always keep trying harder
Oh I will always be
I will always be unsatisfied!
I do not know what you think of me
And honestly I don't want to know
My fame, oh it will be history
And I will have you saying woah!
I would understand if you didn't care
But now you are being cruel
I would like to feed you to a bear
But then again you like to play pool!
To save you is making me seem
As if I might be a fool
You are going to make me scream
Because you make me go to school!
I can't wait to be better at this than you
But then again I know the truth
Even once I am I will still be
Very very very unsatisfied!
I'll be unsatisfied
Very unsatisfied
Yeah yeah I will be
Very very unsatisfied!

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