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Ay is you boy A-GON and this time I wanna discipline a schoolboy caused he think he stylish but I fucked his mother pussy and she was sceamin "ooooh please don't stop" like ripped her pussy u heard you puppets have a long history of being controlled so ama smuck the realness out of you being bold yeah your mama's ass was so big I got me shock like them hoes in brook I smucked and hulked her ass it was like crisscross I can't believe am facing this ass fagit tough talk from a rapper who gets feed by his mummy's money am out hustling like shit you in the house shouting like you a prick while your shedy mum gets smoked like a Jamaican spliff and you get chopped up into bacon bits look papi you a little white toothpick get a pick comb your Shit cause it's nappy on the top look D am tryin to stay real to you like I was fucking your mum but you a disgrace I bet you real father wouldn't wanna see your ugly face

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