Lemme go

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Yeah I’m arrogant aware of it,
And there I sit,
My therapist is very pissed,
There am I,
Leave me lone let me fly,
Bitch I been so different since a kid,
I been a mastermind,
Known it since I learned to write,
All up in the sands of time,
Focus on a better life,
Hopeless but I still take flight,
Hopin I forget the nights,
When everything jus wasn’t right,
Burn it all and let it die,
Let it rise and let it cry,
My demise is much surprise,
hear the lies and alibis,
past the skies,
I see the light go through my eyes,
I see delight,
I’m happy now I’m past the fight,
Ive had enough,
I found the might,
Aye pass the weed I gotta light,
And Lemme go lemme go lemme go,
I been flowing like a boat,
going down Geronimo,
I never made the honor roll,
But yeah I’m always down to go,
I Make a move,
I’ll let you know,
The sedatives they hit me slow,
I’m faded like a memory,
But clear jus like the picture hoe,
I’m jaded don’t forget to smoke,
I made it from the liquor store,
I’m drinkin on some different stuff,
I know I really had enough,
And maybe I should add it up,
Batter up,
Hit it like im passin bunts,
Passin blunts,
Passin runts,
Lately I don’t ask enough,
Lemme go an bag it up?
Grab the green and let it run,
Yeah I made it out the mud,
Let it buck let it fuck,
Imma get it now,
Middle finger up,
Grab a cup,
Drink it down,
Life’s a lesson learn it now,
Life’s a blessing take it in,
Everything it’s all around,
I been flexin since a kid,
all my exes they be tens,
second guess percentages,
I’m makin money double it,
You actin funny,
Bummy shit,
I’m stackin till I’m double rich?
I’m humble bitch I’m elegant,
I’m workin on my regiment,
Yeah Imma make like every cent,
And represent,
Im heaven sent,
I write my wrongs and let em in,
Life prolongs it’s evidence,
The energy is infinite,
So let it be and let it live
Life is like a sedative,
I Smoke away the negatives,

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