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These gabapentin's got me a grabbin a pen an ventin when i pop em in.
Blow in the nose got me feelin cold.
Like Its -°60 degrees below.
Gotta bad feelin, needin to ask for penitence or show patience in knowin in the endin life was whatcha made of it an not whatcha made in it.
Realizing the difference between sanction n sanction,
im here for you n im  Here  for you.
difference between realizations n real-life insane shit.
ain't one of us on this earth is sane shit or safe bitch.
Gotta take life as is an mold something out of it.
Show yuh Greatness.
show em yuh don't give a fuck if they got something to say against it.
Don't give a fuck if yuh gotta against em so can yuh flip shit into whatever yuh wanna make out of it.
put more then hundred% into it or untill ur heats is content.
Dont deter Or undermind yuh mission just know yuh gonna make it.

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