fake friends

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pull up hit him wit the crome
i dont want to hear no leave leave me lone
told i was ridin out i see him then i buss his dome
we gone hop out the whip
this death he got to take it
told you that we got this glock
i aint the one to mess wit
dont let him play he gone hit you out the west end
i dont know if i heard him over talkin
but i heard he was gone stretch some shii
mom crying tears on my arm
mom got to keep goin
the time keep goin
and you know that pain keep on flowin
nigga got them stones in his rolly
buss em up tryina creep up on me
she ridin it i guess she stole it
nigga lets say its time to glowin
heard he did it all for the showin
yeah this is short i did this for the haters
and only fake friends tryina call you for them favors

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