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icepick, ain't nobody gunna ice this
shootin my shots while I fight off isis....everyone's hate'n me its a mid life crisis
but it does not matter you try'n take me down but i just go higher.
you may be smoking but i am on fire
amens from the pews its like preachin to the choir
I set the bar higher
things h on fire swing through the city like toby Maguire look...
witness me like a Jehovah I watch cartoons cuz I don't grow up.
send the invite I still roll up. say there's a celebration I show up.
but no body knows me. sitting alone wishing that God could just hold me.
try making a friend nobody cares. now we're getting ready for the playoffs.
yeah we bouta take off.
dunk on people and now they act like they know me.
I'm banking shots like Kobe nobody know me
RIP Kobe the trip to success climbing the ladder elevation to glory.
you try to skip rungs but I can still climb it faster.
the best goes crazy feel that 808 baby.
yeah I might go stupid oi might go crazy.
I go MJ back in the 80's ain't nothing bouta faze me
memory feeling a little hazy. feeling a little cold.
getting a lil icy I mighta stole some from the north pole.
so I guess you'll need an ice pick. cuz ain't telling how it might

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