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........DA da da, I stay dripping
All the through my 20s, we rocked, I stayed sippin
Jameson, Jamie, J, The Juice,
I was sipping black label, more than I was in the booth
Its truth, ......I stayed dripping,
All through my 20s, no rocking, I stayed sipping
Low rations, no passion, compassion was gone,
it had few years since ripped a real song, (real shit)
Off the juice, Old men call it cryptonite,
but of course you know young coach didn't listen
Off the juice, I was sipping J in my living room
celebrating making it back from the kitchen
Off the juice,
I would never say, I"m addicted, but my fam knows it runs in the family.
Off the juice, I can get liquored lightly everyday and I can still manage.
Off the juice,
I don't need it
OG, shit everybody makes mistakes
Off the juice, If we want to call the white girls names
liquored niggas might be the new basic.

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