Peer Pressure 1

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Peer pressure is a mother fucker, Go and get your stomach pumped
I'm dancing and I'm drinking shes smoking and its so fun.
Im so dumb, I"m so done, better roll another one
Better roll it right, so I feel right until the early morn
Fucking with that beer pong, catching what you miss bitch
Line your cups horizontal, shooting with my finger tips.
Drinking what partner won't, Catching what my partner don't.
That's how we did it rockin KC and gladstone.
I'm a beast and problem... and most rappers say that,
but in reality, they really aint shit,
I'm really trying to take off and feed my kid
Already got two degrees and I'm tired of this shit. (Sign me,rock)
Let me eat, cause alot of yall don't even say shit
and I'm the one to get things done
Fought foreign and domestic, my top stays eclectic
and I"m always trying to get on a beat cause I"m the next one.

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