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bigga slika licka
bigga slicka licka
yes ya heard me once
yes yes ya heard me twice
ya aye
im only 11
but i can hit you like tevin
you rock like mj
thats why im going to win
so just ,eat my sleave
so now im going to leave
ya you crawl like crap
ya aye you talk like crap
ya ya
so look at me
yes yes you heard me ya
so follw by example
yes and i am going to brag
gonna race around
the track
gonna impress
also play in chess
yes im gonnna bring the rage
gonna walk up to the stage
and put you in a cage
cause im so furious
in the shade
well mabye gonna spray so just
stay away
im astray its a sunday
so mabye gonna spit
im so lit
so im ona show
stay on your own side
im so dangerous gonna spit
mabye gonna syt
im gonna leave you speechless
like a peach less

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