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//Verse 1
see the hate thru my eyes just gotta face it
keep these niggas submissive like a fuckin dominatrix
hard times filled my mind and somehow my phone went vacant
no matter how high my placement i can’t never get complacent
dodge my problems in this Matrix
don’t know if im boutta make it
im jus tryna get by and make this music til im fadin
how the fuck they finish first but turn around and still be racist
i punch holes in my walls and scream to God in pure frustration
i know demons been waitin' for the day i buss in flames
it's aite cuz breakdowns made me the man i became
just tryna hold this small amount of love that still remains
so my emotions don't control this jumble of a brain
they all be talkin' murda and they claim they aint the same
i'm just tryna be GOATed give a fuck about the fame
how the fuck they writin' dope but in person them niggas lame
and it ain't till i call cap they start to walk away in shame, damn
//Verse 2
i got blownt off by the only bitch i loved
aye, woahh
they got they hands out but i don't give no fucks
aye, yuh
make my enemies cry for help sangin' figaro
i'm crazy, i'll shoot ya landscape like takin' videos
i don't yo name so you safe if you jus leave me 'lone
and i know it's some niggas who would rather see me gone
i'm jus tryna pour my soul out
this ain't what they know bout
they gon say love you on instagram and text but not in person
they dont know these problems wrap around my head just like a turban
i treat this music shit like mental therapy
i jus wanna know if you be there for me
i don't know cuz all this shit feel like it's tearin' me
life taught me that it ain't shit thats guaranteed, damn

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