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Claw in the jaw: katana
Chaw it, withdraw, catena
Chain yoke poltergeist, can’t come through it
Freight smoke coaster ride, were’re in it
Spate oceanside, I’ve been in it
Marine tide: Coriolis it
Trapeze courage: lotus it
I float and then I wilt and sink
Moat, and then the stilt and brink
The tilt, and the jilt: rebuild it
My palace in the borealis
Slight advance: end up scallopy
Hem, haw a dance: under the sea
Seesaw the ante: understory to canopy
Safari unvanned: predatory
Slung across my rearview reality
My tongue slugs along as I steer for sanity
My black lungs flow through the char and ore cavity
Bumpy ride: cobble superficiality
No depth, the fishing atrophy
Polluted to a catastrophe
No bread: call it macaroni
No gold: it’s a cheddar trophy
Spell it cheater without a D
Folded feather in his head
Bitch stole my wing spread
Caught just one peperoni
And let it get to his head
Might be some lead in his head
Ask for just a minestrone
He’ll order a pizza instead
More baloney than there is sauce
There’s an alimony in this sauce
Get the fuck out, featherhead
Call me angel, I’ll fly away
It will get better but only
When I’m faraway
Wed the gale: that’s matrimony
Check the scale
What’s heavier?
A pound of gold or
Pound of weasel words
You only come out at twilight
Make it up on the letterhead
Don't try to make up
It dosn’t get to me
Yeah, we’re both afraid
But we’ll be okay
I’ll fly far away like a bird
And you'll settle down like a featherhead
I’ll fly far away like a bird
And you’ll settle down like a featherhead

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