The Bliss

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Its like when Pac shot them Cops
I knew the blocks gone hear it.
i was doing the PoP-O-Lock
with Dr. Spocks Pop, Sareck.
Ayo that thot got a knot
dont mess a spot when she wear it
we're in Nevada inside the Ramada
sipping Calladas
getting Estrada like Eric
while I'm counting My chips
My Bike fresh from Bike week
Feels like I just left Daytona
by way Of Myrtle beach.
I know they hear me in the streets
Burgandy wit the beats
straight homicide
Emergency for weeks.....
It be hurting me to speak.
when i'm searching for the heat
Its the Pat Riley inside of me
that got me working while you sleep
when you see me in the coupe
its cause theyre working on the jeep.
when ya see me in a suit
I wonder do
Day Care
soo many Babys in Hop
feels like theyre working me for sweets

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