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yeah they seem to know a lot about my life
yeah they fuckin think imma stray dog left on the freakin side
yeah they think that all i work for is bullshit and i will never make a dime
but imma keep hustlin while these bitches keep whining about my life
hard work is the skill i possessed since i was young
i left all the kiddes shocked with my big life run
this is to all the kids in my school who thought my life was done
im bout to burn all of you with my skill coz i aint never done
i was shamed and ashamed of my life
everyday all the pain had to thrive
misplaced i said it everytime
turning tables now bitch it's my time
im comin in hard with this spark in my heart
im givin my heart to the hop from the start
im thorwin the past to block the black charred
im makin my moves i will be soon on the charts

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