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u think that your tuff well show it i think that if someone goes against you
you are gonna take it pretty harsh i actually think you cannot rap or rhyme
u should go back to kinder and prolly get a lil remind im not even gonna talk
im just gonna show it how much of a wimp u can actually be and im straight
up gonna trow it thinking that u where a hard person to go against ill rather
take that back because hearing you is like hearing a bug i cannot even
ignore it u are annoying lets not pretend u spend ur weekends alone on a
lonley bench thinking that u are mean but u are the softest person ive ever me
like look at you u look like a baby i mean i dont wanna tell u to show it u should
prolly go to the store and see what price u should be oh i forgot u are on clearance
and all im talking are not opinions

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