Maybe im crazy

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Maybe im better liked then i know
I just call it …remember all the dough
Am i crazy? maybe, but fucked up is how i been lately
I rap like shady, blasting it off cause i can and im crazy
Roll wit ace, khaled and them
Maybe im wasting time again
Damn is so crazy....lets tell the truth...and they wont play us maybe
Woooh, race my niggas, and i bet you never pass me like a free safety
Being insane on my brain im crazy,
But i think i like that, just maybe
Went thru my phone saw a text, and then she wrote her a message
Maybe im just being a pathetic little bitch,
They say that im crazy, that im also obnoxious
But once the smoke clears, you right back where you was
He thinks aw, forget it, its so insignificant and little
And they just make me angry so i’m crazy, maybe i’m cynical

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