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I'll be winning with the capital letter in the beginning,
just to emphasize how livid I'm living
I really get it - I get it get it I've got it,
I'm with it whether some of yall calling me cold
and some are calling me hot like what??.
Like Beckham I bend it please don't get offended,
I screwed you suspended, you useless appendix.
All CAPS when I type and I feel like the man,
risk going underwater so I'm drownin the hand.
Hit my PayPal please
And let's be friends - gotta pay the fee it's like 10x10
Fresh Clothes God knows that he's watching through the Holy Cross,
He be peepin, He be checking who be following the law
I saw the beef up on the wall and didn't get involved
following my own shoes, EEMS is a lone wolf.
Hold up-hold up let me get a minute,
matter fact im gon get straight back in it.
It's Return of the Mac but I’m not mac,
matter of fact scratch that and zip it up Puma backpack –
Oh snap country quit like a mouse trap -
damn shit it's EEMS with the clap-back.
Snapchat shorty going to hit that
call me slump god please take a step back
Rip Roach like a couch burnt toast,
catch me down the street now my pockets full of notes -
cause it's not on the screen I'm the best that you have seen. 
EEMS just killing it just on the scene
in a minute-in a minute counting all these digits,
call me G-Eazy cause I ain't got no limits,
my windows be tinted, my wrist looking freezing.
Iced Out Throat Neck and Wrist they be twinnin 
wait hold up I just been looking at memes
Best on the scene, EEMS' just livin his dream

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