Time 4 War

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A talented produced named Anubeats reached out to me on Fiverr, together we collaborated an incredible project. Make sure to show love! https://open.spotify.com/track/5E8rrdbYu5SQ1DPqCVNH0E?si=e8ab27bb3da947ed

A little moody I slice em' like Mitsurugi,
Soul Caliber is BMG 50 what's a little Uzi,
TNT powder fizzle through me
fight main event monster on the card Yugi,
Rappers preaching
Frivolous escapades with fact free specifics
talking fat feats of fitness inflated ego is limitless
The physicist, Albert's math of mass speed relative to these low,
energy rappers got crack breed genetics,
Bring it "at-chu" I wipe em' like a bad Sneeze
the haters can pick it, like a protest its pass easy lessons
minute rates by the distance talking taxis in driven
Build stock Ride the shares Take a back seat you get it
The flow money cold runny snot funny
flock dummies among em the cock hungry slot bunnies
blocks bumping jock thumping bop hunting classics under talk ugly
Fire spit scotch hop like chalk jumping,
Its that time for war,
give me money or your life better hug the floor,
C4 strapped we blow the doors
Gold bars in our pockets and there's more in store! (x2)
Fit the image of truly unruly viciousness,
higher standards like Bougie women its limitless,
pill popper rhymes see the coded digits sublime skip time, Kyle Reese,
Come with me if desire is Survival
Prophetic wisdom I scripted bibles, tamed indigenous tribals,
first to off em like every woman and child
itching to fire detonate on the mix like chemicist' vials,
modern rappers end up veggie mix, pico de gallo
This that fad factor comeuppance,
solo cup swallow opiates puking out little substance,
Doodles all over their mugs like ceramics stacked in the cupboard
Flexing next to fattest asses silicone holdin it upwards
Lil whatever's biting Wayne to get ahead
Nowadays everybody "braided" some "existential dread",
To be heard there's steps to it buy a pair
Bring the bars back like I'm tryna shove you in a cell

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