Violence (Ft OffTrack x Special K)
A-80 props Recorded
(Hook x2 Saint ) Squad be getting Violent, Violent, Violent.
(1st Saint James) Squad be getting Violent, Competition silent,
They can't even see me, need to open up they eyelids.
Shit I'm rhyming so hot, that I'm rising up the climate.
... and 55 more lines
6 days ago 
HomeTownHustle - (305) Miami
B-69 props Recorded
HomeTownHustle - (305) the logo like the Facebook page..
...Join The Team!!!! Out for SALE!!! and STREAM..Everywhere!!!!
Merchandise coming soon...
(Verse 1)ThaBigDawg
... and 86 more lines
by JoeSpo
6 days ago 
Animus feat. Hyde & Dahm
A+52 props Recorded
From the String Theory EP: Cover Art by REMO
follow me on soundcloud:
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follow me on instagram for early snippets of new releases:
... and 1 more line
by Roane
4 days ago 
50 props Recorded
(Verse one).
I got more flava than egg rolls or smear on bagels
Syrup on Waffles so lego My Eggos
I got Poptarts and Toaster strudels
... and 38 more lines
by FunkyAss
6 days ago 
LOYAL (Ft Saint James x R3LNTL3SS)
C39 props Recorded
lyrics coming soon....
1st R3LNTL3SS 0:22
2nd Saint James 1:39
3rd Jay Are 3:09
... and 3 more lines
by Jay_Ar3
3 days ago 
Week 17 - Show and Prove Instrumental
D+37 props 
Off the top of the head freestyle to Show and Prove by Big Daddy Kane,
Scoob, O.D.B , Jay Z, Shyheim and Sauce Money.
by Geddis
5 days ago 
Harold the Kid - sad money. ft. jusmac / baby D
B34 props Recorded
[harold the kid]
Bandana on like I'm Santana
Pulling these strings and we got it all handled
You on then I'm turning the channel
... and 97 more lines
by Mac
3 days ago 
iAmLegend (feat. Samuei)
B+32 props Recorded
//Preview of "rewind" from our EP
//Batman Begins sample
//I don't know, i swear to god
... and 41 more lines
by Typhon
2 days ago 
All The Time (feat. Alanna Aguiar) (prod. had)
31 props Recorded
she i said i don't feel same witchu
i said maybe yea your right
she said please don't let fame getchu
i think imma be alright
... and 74 more lines
by had
1 day ago 
30 props Recorded
Bask In It. first single off ENO ABASI's second project titled "That Boy Good".
6 days ago 
Midnight Blues FT. Snowy White
B+29 props Recorded
[CHORUS](Snowy White)
This is my blues
Cause I'm back then on my own again
This is the blues I'm playing
... and 41 more lines
by TheRealExplicit
5 days ago 
Martil ft Yung Quin - Daydreamer
24 props Recorded
[1st Verse - Martil]
A daydreamer, i have my dreams i wanna reach 'em.
Yeah man, i'm crazy, during sleep i preach 'em.
Life becomes the best teacher when each problem you face, you beat 'em.
... and 31 more lines
by Martil
5 days ago 
A Black Canvas
B+23 props 
we fall an we clime, we lie but always deny.
... and 30 more lines
7 days ago 
A-23 props
15 years old man what to do
No place to call home,me and daddy through
The minute you picked that alcoholic thing over me
... and 40 more lines
by RickGrimesIsDead
6 days ago 
22 props Recorded
Just Vibe Out To It...
Sign Up @ fo rEXCLUSIVES and be apart of JVOTI's Journey!!
Told myself at 19 ima get it by any means
... and 47 more lines
2 days ago 
Breaking Down - RaneRaps x Slackin' Beats
B+20 props 
Verse 1 idea FINAL:
Overanalyzing all the good times/
Romanticizing all the bad ones/
... and 107 more lines
by RaneRaps
5 days ago 
[Music Video] Be Careful (Grime Freestyle)
20 props Recorded
[This is a freestyle] so not all the lyrics here will be perfectly correct
Be Careful Freestyle mate
... and 116 more lines
6 days ago 
Yung Crusha - Vision
B20 props Recorded
Bout to get it
How I live it
talking 99
So lifted
... and 46 more lines
by YungCrusha
2 days ago 
Dance with the Devil
B+19 props
She may be a rebel in your eyes
I must say she's a devil in disguise
you are headed for a dreadful surprise
when you take one look into her eyes
... and 26 more lines
by Misty_chick
1 day ago 
Fake Smiles Remix (ft. Hibbstorious and Saint James)
A19 props Recorded
Fuck this whole scenario from music we listen to
to Getting lost in our stereos from artists we wish knew
us personally cause everyone feel like a lone rider
... and 51 more lines
by THunt23
6 days ago 
Random bars
A16 props
Her eyes Are so fucking bright its like when i stare at you im stealing your innocence/
In my dreams youre always in trouble and screamin louder than four citizens because they cant ignore insolence/
I dont want another random whores syphilis as my thoughts abyss convince itsself towards negatives/
But thats okay because without them you couldnt get the bigger picture did you get that metaphors emphasis or do you have too google mess...
... and 14 more lines
by Emphaziz
3 days ago 
Point to Prove
B15 props 
You can't fathom, My rap pattern
I mastered it like Master P
I'm the massive shit, You can't amass to me
Some call it destiny, I call it prophesy
... and 32 more lines
by JezzaT
2 days ago 
R3a1 1if3
B+14 props 
yeah what they be fucking saying homie is grief
I be talking about me
nobody else it self reflection in rap that makes us MC
we get so close to the point we try to acheive
... and 33 more lines
by apollotherealgod
6 days ago 
Break it Down(Recorded)
B-14 props Recorded
Yea Imma Break this fun shit down for ya....
yo so I'm walkin' down the street
red jays on my feet
... and 40 more lines
by MC_Shade-E
4 days ago 
22 bars
A+14 props
Her eyes are like beaming light through the end of a long tunnel/
The darkness represents and means shes undergone trouble/
Once you eventually reach the light it was just someone shining a torch as the thunderstorm rumbles/
So now youre confused and broken thinking wheres the person that owned the torch has he gone and did he perform struggles/
... and 16 more lines
by Emphaziz
7 days ago 
F13 props Recorded
Coming soon
3 days ago 
You Don't know me (mixtape)
B-13 props 
What I have seen is like a horror movie
when you say im not a g
makes me wanna grab my uzi
and go on a killing spree
... and 77 more lines
by JDogg
5 days ago 
Crystalline Structures [Instrumental R&B ]
A+12 props 
"Crystalline Structures" is a soulful
Alternative Hip-Hop/R&B instrumental production [108 bpm].
FREE [Non-Exclusive] with Voice Tag available here on RapPad:
... and 13 more lines
by Xavier_EXS22
2 days ago 
12 props Recorded
I'm thinking, blinking, drinking, pinching and hitting myself.
What the fucking heck with a guy in the knife in the neck should I do next?
I cringe and whinge and think about my ex
walk in the door, whore on the floor my best friend had his genitals deep inside her hole.
... and 33 more lines
by Skinny_Dude
4 days ago 
A12 props 
My name is q I'm from the ave ill substitute for eminem
he gives me the attitude to pursuit my dreams and to execute and abuse the haters
with words like if they had no guards and let them towards the light and to
treat the mean girls like whores and have them drop to the floor or something more bad than war or more sore than hit by Thor's hammer
... and 15 more lines
2 days ago 
Trust Issue
B-12 props 
You dead to me
Fück me over to get back at me for what girl,
Broke my heart leavin me damaged
No one can even bandage my heart back together
... and 33 more lines
by Dead-SpongezBob
5 days ago 
B-11 props 
Yo we gana bring W.M.W to they extinction yo...
if those faggot ass bitches wanna try me on my hard shit...
then lets see if they can keep up while I bring the noise with L.C.M.
... and 122 more lines
by MC_Shade-E
6 days ago 

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