No Better
24 props Recorded
Lyrics coming soon!
by KevinJunior
6 days ago 
B16 props Recorded
Are you living or you dying
Are we living or surviving
Ain't it funny how they lock us in them cages for our vices
Every body got they prices can you tell me what you cost
... and 40 more lines
3 days ago 
What Should I Do
16 props Recorded
I don't know what I should do, you know ?
I don't know what I should do
... and 45 more lines
by Yung_David
7 days ago 
A-14 props Recorded
Shit is rawest off the top spit been picking thought like a zombie,
Style poetic muscle been flexing wind on a palm tree,
Flow been Seal Six straight dispatch a nigga,
... and 32 more lines
by OmegaSpark
5 days ago 
Drinks on Me
13 props Recorded
Please show me the way to go
I need some guidance on this rodeo
... and 70 more lines
6 days ago 
I don't need no Superman
B13 props 
I don’t need no Superman to save me
God knows that’s not how my daddy raised me,
Jesus Christ, the only man I’m praising
At these skies and stars I'm gazing
... and 65 more lines
by MizzleReen
4 days ago 
A+13 props Recorded
ay 27 on my c, never ever let it go, im the best up in the scene, im the best
up in the zone, bitch watch your tone, while i watch the throne, dont you ever
condone, anything againts me, cause ill break your bones, bitch you wanna fight me
... and 20 more lines
by Klamatoz
6 days ago 
Wulf Verse, never used
B11 props
[Wolf Love](Head ICE Voice) You a pup, I see you talkin' tough
Just know if I see you slangin shit to make a dawg leg kick then give it up
HAHAHAHA Your name is fucking horrible
Plus you tried some Mythology lines, respectable
... and 24 more lines
by JuzTrae
1 day ago 
Hate on your eyes
11 props Recorded
1) I see hate in your eyes,
2) And I don’t know why
3) Did I hurt you anyhow
4) Did I touch a nerve inside
... and 48 more lines
by SstoneWolf
4 days ago 
A11 props
DR_Rhymes DR_Rhymes this battle is a waste of my time
I can win this battle just by using nursery rhyme
Chicken pox, cough, head ache and flu
All of the sickness are better than you
... and 9 more lines
by DR_Rhymes
6 days ago 
anyone wanna collab this?
B+10 props
chasing the beat to a violin tune, such beauty in sounds which instrument are you
a flute or drum or a tambourine every sound unique in it's own quality
bringing a tone we could harmonize
learn we are in harmony not into harming lives
... and 4 more lines
4 days ago 
I'm sorry...
B10 props
Never really shared this with anyone but a few times.
But I'm living a life that wasn't supposed to see sunshine.
I'm sure y'all heard of the bombing that happened in my town.
I was only five but I remember walking those grounds.
... and 20 more lines
1 day ago 
Week 83 - Off the top freestyle Yes Yes Yall
9 props 
Off the top freestyle to Yes Yes Yall by Geto Boys
by Geddis
about 21 hours ago 
Sniffing Lines Of Jesus Prod. Max Ammo x NoahRaw, TheNobody
9 props Recorded
Straight from this bottle dungeon in amsterdam
From this inner-city conundrum to the dungeons of rap
We gon' be like nas,
we Sniffing lines of jesus ey get lost
... and 37 more lines
by LiL_What
6 days ago 
all of yo shook (recording will be remixed)
B+9 props Recorded
my spitting is to be mirrored like the scripture
vivid like a picture
no swimming when your river's filled with spitters
roads paved with quibblers whys the chicken crossing the road?
... and 50 more lines
by 7teen20nine
4 days ago 
Agony (Becoming Demon)
B-8 props 
(Verse 1)
im in a portal on my way down to hell
i don't know how this began to start
but look at my skin starting to rip apart
... and 36 more lines
by Demonic
5 days ago 
State of Mind
B8 props Recorded
We back fools
Homies still on the back
we finna run through
Call up your bitch she finna roll too
... and 117 more lines
by Nat-E
6 days ago 
A8 props Recorded
Ask my people ima fuckin disgrace
i could mug u put a gun 2 ur face
trappin out a youth club shuffling grade
last night i slept in the rain
... and 75 more lines
by Samuei
3 days ago 
B+7 props Recorded
Living twice in life no bitching
Reminiscing they were wishing on me
But ain't quitting what am given to spit
Real shit for a deal still switching up
... and 25 more lines
5 days ago 
Click Clack
A7 props 
Shoe gun is loaded and, it's ready to go click clack
Using this flow until I am steady on a sick track
The game's a hassle and, I'm sweaty when I kick back
Pin stats on a billboard, stay heavy as a tic tac
... and 16 more lines
by TheSaturnian
3 days ago 
I can Change
B7 props Recorded
No one knows what goes on up inside of my head,
There's a new kind of poison and it's starting to spread,
But I didn't think the antidote was in my hands,
... and 36 more lines
by BrandonEversOfficial
4 days ago 
B6 props Recorded
My lyrics are so bold you can read in braille,
they never fail, there hotter than hell, better ring the bell
At the front office, It had a new floor polish, and of course it looks flawless
... and 26 more lines
by Inseguro
6 days ago 
This World..
B+6 props
Saddened to state that obvious in this paradox.
Everyone acts oblivious to falling founding blocks.
Mentalities boxed in poverty, gotta scratch their labels.
... and 48 more lines
by Spartan
1 day ago 
To my x_best friend
C+6 props 
I try so hard
I promise you i do
I try so hard to be the friend the you would have forever
... and 26 more lines
by Trap_Queen
about 22 hours ago 
life goes on
B-6 props
I must confess
Living in a world filled with stress
I always haven't done my best
But still I strive for succes
... and 16 more lines
by Trap_Queen
about 21 hours ago 
6 props Recorded
(Mixed/Mastered by MALARKEY)
Damn, I thought you was the one for me,
... and 38 more lines
about 20 hours ago 
B6 props Recorded
Jumping off the balcony
The ground is where you found me
Or in a crashed car or a lake Fucking drowning
I’ll go and fucking do it cuz everyone’s looking down on me
... and 36 more lines
by XtraLarge
6 days ago 
Earl Sweatshirt type beat
F6 props 
Please leave a feedback!
4 days ago 
Cry It Away
B6 props 
//intro until 0:22
Man, sometimes family triggers me such much, man
I just gotta push through their stupidity and/
just wait until i'm on my own, man
... and 40 more lines
by JarClaw
7 days ago 
Bussin' Rhymez
B+5 props 
Hi, my name is.. see Spartan's the real name you know me
I just keep it one hundred percent real cuz I feel that's the way its gotta be
I come across a lot of faking imitating people who be thinking that I'm joking when I'm tellin 'em I can't rap
They start laughing and I get to snapping and wrapping up with the lyrical passion I bust and have 'em lying on they backs
... and 33 more lines
by Spartan
6 days ago 
Back For The World
B5 props 
I am here to rise, to open up my eyes, to look up at great blue skies,
Once again, it has been, a long time since, I've felt my heartbeat,
Stood onto my two feet, tasted the air, it's so sweet, unlike the murky,
Earth of which has given second birth, to what before was food to worms,
... and 12 more lines
by jetblackrlsh
1 day ago 
barely recognize
A-5 props Recorded
these niggas ain't up to par
these niggas ain't got the bars
but i won't knock your hustle shoot for the stars
This behavior ya display being perpetuated
... and 12 more lines
by NewbieDaRipper
7 days ago 

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