Going The Distance
47 props Recorded
Verse 1:
No sleep and no slick eyes
Signed and sealed by demeanors still content with demise
Opinions presented with so much to hide
... and 40 more lines
by KevinJunior
7 days ago 
Legacy | Kings Never Die Remix
B+34 props 
Everyone thinkin Kindness is Weakness then i come around wit Meanness
Your above Rate genius coming to leave em Speechless
Have em Delirious im Insidious while being ghostly Mysterious One Brush with Death
... and 84 more lines
by MugShotz
1 day ago 
Evil Deeds |Feat WCR
29 props 
Story mister thats right i fucked your sister,
Cocked the glock in your dads mouth, used my other hand to fist her,
Shits locked so i pull the trigger,
... and 77 more lines
by MugShotz
4 days ago 
The End
B28 props 
I seem still not to understand why life turns these kids in to
Pyschopath freaks, wars and Rebellions people fighting for the survival
Read the title its the end and this ain't some shit from fucking the bible and when I die
You'll be waiting for the Fallen Angels second arrival, hit the gas pedal prepare your
... and 30 more lines
by Kaze-E
2 days ago 
TJ BENZ- Rose Like A Flower
27 props Recorded
Just copped a black on black Mercedes Benz
That shit look like a Ethiopian
Im wit a girl, and she Cambodian
I ankor wat my yacht like a Cambodian
... and 22 more lines
5 days ago 
Triumphant Tri Tip Beat
D+25 props 
New beat up lemme know what y'all think
If interested in buying, collabing, etc, hmu
Email: [email protected]
by heyjose21
6 days ago 
Cocky Brookie.
B23 props 
Had to finish off this Girl's Career, Despite Novus will End it Clear,
Homicidual Brookie What's Your Offence,? You ain't Lucky to make some-
"sense," Your a shape of a cookie callin It Intense, i'll be Rappin at you no-
"Self-Defence," Saying I couldn't Bring you down? Fuck off kid Look who is-
... and 20 more lines
by DarkSide
7 days ago 
B23 props Recorded
I've got my foot on the gas pedal
smokes in my lungs, got my fingers on the trigger
and asking what I've become
got my whip, runs on empty, got plenty to get me gone
... and 80 more lines
by SinSin_at_E
6 days ago 
21 props Recorded
Fuck all the politic
I give a fuck bout apologies
I’m at the point where like everything bother me
I’m an anomaly
... and 25 more lines
4 days ago 
Seconds (Feat Kaze-E)
B21 props 
this aint eminem at the Bet Awards,
this is WCR puttin it down for the fifteen year old in the morgue,
for the young in mental wards, the suicidal thoughts they move towards,
... and 31 more lines
by WCR
4 days ago 
$tick Talk Feat. Woady (Prod. Yung Pear)
B19 props Recorded
// I appreciate any feedback you can give me. If you're a producer any tips
would be nice or recording progamrs. i'm still tryna get the hang of it //
Lil Diddy (chorus):
Pull up to our block we pop shots on the spot
... and 50 more lines
by lil_Diddy
5 days ago 
Out Of Ordinary One Only Obstacle
F18 props Recorded
by NaVaVi
4 days ago 
Scars Ft. Mishaal
B+17 props Recorded
I want somebody to hold me
tell me that I'll be there only
tell me that there is no reason for me to be living like I am so lonely
somebody that really knows me
... and 56 more lines
by SinSin_at_E
6 days ago 
Any Challenge Accepted ft. Dystractyd
A-17 props
My mission find nutrition, eatin rappers up for breakfast
Our arena, if you messin', we gon scratch you off the checklist
Two of the best to Ex-ist, Screamin out “who’s next bitch”
... and 55 more lines
by Feenomdaphenominal
5 days ago 
"Mass Destruction" ft. Kaze-E & Trilluminati, Croc MugShotz
B16 props 
[Kaze-E's verse 1]
[I saw many motherfuckers trying to grab me by the dick and swing]
[To the dime light, listen grimly here I show you how to fucking rhyme I can go all night]
[In this bitch just like my dick that is fucking the shits outta hoes, well now you made yourself]
... and 108 more lines
by FlyMelodic
6 days ago 
Mind wondering
A+16 props 
// [Content Chorus: start at :00]
you have a lot of time to waste, through the days in our life
a price you pay, like the effort I put into our rights
I write, i wait, I sit, and stare at all my thoughts trying to think this through
... and 56 more lines
by Content
6 days ago 
My Drip Hard
C+14 props Recorded
when they talkin' on my name what you really think about
I'm the little white kid coming up for the belt
and I come up with myself I don't do with no one else
looking for the keys, cause no body let me out
... and 48 more lines
by ChasetotheFinish
5 days ago 
BrookeisRapGod Disstrack
B14 props
Whore I told you to keep my name out yo mouth
I told you I was gonna make your sucky career go south
My brother don't like you get that through your pea sized brain
Imma sit back and watch you fucking cry in pain
... and 22 more lines
by Phoebe
7 days ago 
13 props Recorded
Coming back home with a chicken for the dinner
Tryna be like Slim, but you actually gettin' thinner
Flowin' so good never made you a winner
I would burn in hell if rappin' makes me a sinner
... and 35 more lines
by Sario
6 days ago 
Deny us
13 props Recorded
Listen to audio
by Derek4REAL
4 days ago 
Aint no love from you
C+13 props
you show up at my house and you try to hug me
but for the past 15 years you havent even loved me
my mom the only thing that has kept me going
yet you show up, say she cheats , you know what fuckin blow me
... and 12 more lines
by Hay-Z
6 days ago 
My mood draft
B+13 props 
In the mood to be a loving reverend, but I'm nothing sacred
Been amused you wasted more of my time, guess it's time for your armageddon
In the suit I'm always ready to get my weapon, flow is nice like heaven
feeling sick someone take me to the fucking doctor I need a fucking medic,
... and 46 more lines
by Content
5 days ago 
Crazy Creatures ft. Gingerbrat 59
A-13 props
Verse 1:
In my basement are demons and monsters/
can see my hideous father he doesn’t want no beef/
but he didn’t stop her, from leaving us oh mama/
... and 48 more lines
by RedStreak
5 days ago 
Kythre & XXXAZAZEL - Fuck My Heart
B-13 props Recorded
[Hook: Kythre]
Fuck my heart, I don’t need that shit when I have you
You fix my mind, everything is fine because of you
Babygirl, you make me sane and that is true
... and 29 more lines
by Kythre
4 days ago 
Slow Sauce Beat
12 props 
R&B vibes beat lemme know what y'all think
If interested in buying, collabing, etc. hmu
Email: [email protected]
by heyjose21
2 days ago 
All You Need - Marshxll
B12 props Recorded
I can be all you need,
All these dramas and sleepless nights,
I just want to succeed,
Don’t I have my rights?
... and 59 more lines
by Marshxll
3 days ago 
B12 props Recorded
People like to think that I rhyme all the time,
but truth be told im just a mother fucking dime.
Guess i'll spit another line, yes a real southern crime.
You can bet that you will die if you even wanna try
... and 18 more lines
by WiSh
7 days ago 
The Fly Clinic (Feat. FlyMelodic)
B11 props 
//Dope Doc Verse 1:
Fuck these predators, weak competitors, out the door with those whore metaphors.
Get down on all fours, and watch me and Fly' spill this venomous gore.
You'll be begging for more in the morning cuz you swore my keyboard is like a sword.
... and 62 more lines
by Dope_Doc
7 days ago 
Just my thoughts....
A-11 props
I take this pen like a shovel and I dig so deep. Paper wads wiped up so many tears oh the secrets I've weaped.
So many of them but none ever mine to keep kinda funny insomnia keeps me awake when I sleep, I can't even tell what's for real and what's...
I use these sheets to blanket me and bring me warmth and comfort, but at times underneath them also coldness is uncovered.
I can flatten it out and fancy make it look real neat but no one ever knows what really goes on underneath.
... and 21 more lines
2 days ago 
B11 props Recorded
Hear the sound of my voice
I astound and you rejoice
Hear this now you little boi
your whole life I will destroy
... and 68 more lines
by WiSh
7 days ago 
B11 props 
This is the life I live yoo yoo
That's my life I live yeah yeah
This is the life I live yoo yoo
... and 44 more lines
by AvatarGhEmpire
2 days ago 
B-10 props
i'm dead man man walking,
heathing my blade, not a human talking,
but a beast breathing,
a dragon feeding,
... and 38 more lines
by xanianne
4 days ago 

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