Freestyle Rap 3
B-37 props
Im a battle rapper you can't compete with me
You talk shit about my family we will break you're teeth
My word play's so good it'll be hard to breath and make your soul leave!
I got fake friend's that's okay!
... and 32 more lines
by Gemtric27
6 days ago 
Gnat Remix (Prod. ManIAC)
B+35 props Recorded
Taking these shots at Corona I step up, bitch better hold my beer
Knock me down, go round after round, till we blackout like we full of fear
My bars leave you wasted, swerve off track cause you lack, we couldn't steer
... and 17 more lines
5 days ago 
B+34 props 
We gon' try foreplay, how we end up on the floor bae?
I don't even gotta ask for shit, i get what i want
I know you love me, you don't even gotta front
You ignorant as fuck, you never listen
... and 29 more lines
by yappa
6 days ago 
Moon Rock (feat. Atomikk)(prod. by tomoro)
B-27 props Recorded
I want that moon rock, yeah, yeah
Fly me to the moon, I ain't stoppin' at no rooftops
Nah, I just want to moon walk, yeah, yeah
... and 67 more lines
by Hyde
4 days ago 
Dylan and Trev Rideau Diss
B27 props 
listen all friends, enemies and critics and all
this rap is a lesson for anyone who wants to,
lessen my skill' credibility and wishes i fall
who don't know shit about the time i spend,
... and 56 more lines
by rebel_X
7 days ago 
Myself ft. Valious
26 props Recorded
I dont want none of your love
No Ill be alright by myself
Please tell me what do you want
Cause maybe I just cannot help you
... and 53 more lines
by Fantiago
5 days ago 
Take a trip
B-25 props 
Verse 1
Yeah riding round the city with my beats bumpin
World ain’t gonna know what hit em when they see me comin
When I feel the beat in my soul
... and 74 more lines
by TB
4 days ago 
Kera's Lethal Injection (diss track)
B24 props 
(fake crying) My ex texted me and didn't realized it
she said I look like a messed up russian, don't tell me about it
she think's im hurt right now from her making fun of me
yea yea that's it i'll make her think she hurt me
... and 67 more lines
by Gemtric27
4 days ago 
Let It Fly Freestyle
24 props Recorded
by Corndog
5 days ago 
She made me insane
24 props Recorded
(Verse 1)
Met you on the internet
But we had past ties
and you sent me up a message
... and 48 more lines
by DominickMaltby
4 days ago 
24 props Recorded
Lyrics in the video.
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Hope you guys like it!
by Voltaage
5 days ago 
Just Hold Me
22 props Recorded
I’ll be the stitches to your scars babe
Just hold me, just hold me
I’ll be the stitches to your scars babe
Just hold me, just hold me
... and 69 more lines
by elywaves
4 days ago 
B+22 props 
Back like I never left (I never left)
Rocking white with 2 Simon belts (2 Simon belts)
Caucasian bitches yayo everywhere (its everywhere)
... and 31 more lines
by tokyoz
4 days ago 
Money Scars
21 props Recorded
VVS cuts on my wrists thats money scars
I know sometimes life can get so hard
So death must be easy
... and 25 more lines
by YoungJezza
3 days ago 
tanjiro rap to nezuko "demons"
B20 props 
CHORUS: it's time to face the whole world your still the same
so i'll hold in my arms and embrace ALL THE TRIALS I FACE
... and 19 more lines
by Saiko-Chan
5 days ago 
Blue Laces 3
B19 props 
Skis but brought 2 skis
Drill shit like im Wooski
Shoot'en niggas up like im scarface some shit fromna movie
This rap game was newly
... and 84 more lines
by Excellant-C
6 days ago 
No Return
B+18 props 
Ɲʘ ƦƎϮurn (Feat Freek Van Workum)
(Freek Van Workum Intro )
Here We Go
Pass The Point Of No Return
... and 40 more lines
by DRnova
4 days ago 
So Cold
B18 props 
{Line} -illegal Hiest
My life is like a painting but it's me on the wall
But you just seeing the image but a titan feels the fall
Cursing me and judging me by something you just saw
... and 41 more lines
by MrMatrix
6 days ago 
Hey you!
B18 props
{chorus}-Nova Rockafeller
Hey you!
You know the somebody I was
Hey you!
... and 66 more lines
by MrMatrix
4 days ago 
A.C. Cypher Remix
A-18 props 
₳nother Classic Cypher Remix ♾
(Feat Jason Bryan)
(Feat DRnova)
(Feat Ish Talker )
... and 79 more lines
by DRnova
6 days ago 
18 props 
marryyyy (00:15)
marryyyy eyay yay yayyy
wake up every morning, mary's by my side (00:23
... and 171 more lines
by ShayDKief
6 days ago 
B+17 props 
All the Impossible is Possibilities
Can't really say what you did to me
Wanted to stay but had to leave
... and 23 more lines
by NBN_Niyah_Baddie
7 days ago 
We got dat money yeah
B-16 props
We got dat money, damn, were so rich. But also hate dat bitch
Other people go money to scummy
but i disagree, cuz you not oversea
... and 14 more lines
by pandadisperson
6 days ago 
Head Down Pt.2
C+16 props 
Lets continue, but's it the end
Not enough time lets began
1 to 10 i ain't yo friend
I'm sorry but it has to end
... and 19 more lines
by NBN_Niyah_Baddie
5 days ago 
B16 props
Now my ex is competitive with the other girls for the money when repetitive mode hits me
Yeah, I won't give a shit, especially when I get girls to turn my dick into a bone. Did we
Forget that I'm just a teen? A teen with no evidence, so I don't know if she
Cheating on me. But for the meantime, Imma have her sit on my lap, and let it rose quickly
... and 20 more lines
by E-Moon
4 days ago 
Neva Cared REMIX
B16 props Recorded
See I never cared about a hating bitch
See I don't give a fuck about a lazy bitch
You can be rich, all you want
but at the end of all this shit
... and 29 more lines
by KHKTre
4 days ago 
Revenge Is $weet
B-15 props 
i came from the struggle had to come with that shit
niggas plot en on me gotta ride with the stick
we just some niggas tryna get ricch
... and 63 more lines
by Excellant-C
4 days ago 
A+15 props
I asked her out, and she said no, now watch me die inside
Crying in my head, because I thought that she'd be mine tonight
Loved her with my life, you can see her beauty magnified
In my head, but she left me heartbroken, watch me cry tonight
... and 20 more lines
by E-Moon
3 days ago 
Daytime Ranting (1:15)
B-15 props
Sitting here, always thinking.
The fact that I'm crying, doesn't make it even.
I've been crying and drinking.
Hoping that is just a feeling.
... and 41 more lines
by Chloroform
7 days ago 
B-15 props
It's like I'm wearing a mask in my own home,
So many people but I still feel all alone,
How long I've been living like this? I don't know,
Everything is repeating and going slow.
... and 23 more lines
by IllegalSenpai
2 days ago 
So High (DRnova Demo from 2008)
B-15 props Recorded
So High 🥴 💨 (feat DRnova) Copyright 06/07/08 DRnova aka Mc Daniel Roy
0:10 Intro..Yes you got that weed you got that’s like....Yo
0:20 (DRnova Verse 1)
I’m Socially excepted but I’m Antisocial
... and 55 more lines
by DRnova
5 days ago 
C1 Radio - LakeshoreDisciples(LSD)
15 props Recorded
Disciples back with another one this time a little bit light hearted but still slaps give it a view
by Xrader
3 days ago 

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