B25 props Recorded
I fly with the stars of the sky
Can't land little roller, I keep the fly
You other brothers can’t deny
Them other niggas smoke, they ain't this high
... and 8 more lines
by Lil_Chip
4 days ago 
first real song
A+15 props Recorded
my social medias
verse 1:
Im a rapper, i dont need a real job
... and 67 more lines
by notdead
6 days ago 
Fake Love Ft. Dougie
12 props Recorded
[Chorus x2]
Can we break up, can we make up
Yeah we fuck hard, then we make love
I ain't on my Drake shit - oh no no
... and 110 more lines
by Trusc
1 day ago 
Drift Away ft Smerdis
10 props Recorded
On and on for endless days
My soul i swear they won't take
So afraid of a mistake
Why oh why are you afraid
... and 10 more lines
by Akillo
4 days ago 
Oddzilla (DRnova as Eminem )
B-9 props Recorded
And the Doctors like me & Yatzy & Oddzilla,
Will give you Gorilla like it’s all CAP
... and 37 more lines
by DRnova
7 days ago 
Applying Pressure REMIX
7 props Recorded
Its crazy how ya battles can take over ya head
I can get dark and you overthinking whatever was said
Feels like ya brain's getting swish and all the tension that's within give you headaches watch it take over now you mentally dead.
How we coping its complicated
... and 29 more lines
by K-Santana
1 day ago 
6 props Recorded
by LeeWrites
6 days ago 
B+6 props Recorded
All this time that I been looking for the better days
Tryna look around and find a better place
Sitting lonely in my room that'll change
Way too many days I feel I'm trapped up in a cage
... and 50 more lines
by okayastral
6 days ago 
small talk (REMIX)
B6 props Recorded
fuck the small talk, i need conversation.
put it on a pin and get to erasin'
need this bag, cause I'm stuck eatin' raisins
got one wish, and that shit is to make it.
... and 48 more lines
by Dappah
6 days ago 
A+5 props 
Can you name me somebody rapping, with this much commitment and passion; I bet I’ll match him,
Mapping a path to the cash where the plaques are all platinum or gold like the wrap in a magnum,
I heard this track and I had to attack it, back in my bag like a syllabus packet,
[Marching](Marching-March-March Madness.) right past any challenge it’s honestly [madness](Madness-March Madness.) to think you’d last in...
... and 15 more lines
by Talk-Sick
3 days ago 
D+5 props Recorded
ep out now
1. how to kill a homeless man
2. holes
3. fuck rap
... and 3 more lines
by notdead
1 day ago 
New Beat: Symphony (Prod.Kaze45)
5 props Recorded
New beat something very different then usual work enjoy faggots
by KazeG59
5 days ago 
B-4 props Recorded
prod. notdead + pink
art: notdead
lyrics: notdead
mixed: notdead
... and 55 more lines
by notdead
4 days ago 
A4 props 
I'm itching and twitching like a literal schizo
Beginning to think that I'm living a shit show
With limitless clips of cringe and crypto
No intro, no info, no infinite window
... and 29 more lines
by 8ballCypher
7 days ago 
4 props Recorded
(Verse 1)
You mix the party with the bass now
Get your girl I ain’t fuckin with the same sound
I’m on the playlist there about to say my name loud
... and 44 more lines
by Kila-B
4 days ago 
All In
B4 props Recorded
[Hook x 2]
Throwing all my money in, on ace deuce.
Now I'm on my way.
Ain't no limit, hit the top, I'm going straight through.
... and 62 more lines
by RDR3
5 days ago 
B4 props
we were young, happy, never felt so free
run around the city, eyes so crazy
we lay on the couch eating cheetos, so lazy
well now you're 300 miles away, did you lose interest eventually?
... and 42 more lines
by lizziebossanova
5 days ago 
3 props Recorded
//I uploaded this again...finna release disc 2 next week on soundcloud..
// please tell me what you think and have an amazing day...
by DexterLTD
7 days ago 
Sleep Paralysis ft.heirflow
B-3 props Recorded
[Berdy hook]
She call me Aladdin
We disappear straight on a dragon
Im flying a nimbus with passion
... and 88 more lines
by Berdy
4 days ago 
No title
A-3 props
Rhymes I've been droppin'
Dope dope I've been sippin'
Dictionary ima been spittin'
Woo,yea she wanna woo me
... and 19 more lines
by JuiceWrld_DE_II
4 days ago 
Too High
B3 props
I'm sorry if its all too much for you,
Kinda thought you are in a better rage;
When you'll be crying, me to rescue,
Didn't know you must be playing around my bloody page...
... and 61 more lines
4 days ago 
Gang Vibez Ft 33blixky
C+2 props 
Gang vibez Shootin deze lamez
don’t give no fucks (haha)
Deze wannabe gangster hoez (yea)
... and 57 more lines
by LilJJdaMoney
6 days ago 
Destruction Ft. Lil Chip
B-2 props 
I think i figured it out, you put on a show but i think I unlocked the gate
You rapped about how you want to Jump off the ledge of the Empire state
Yeah i read your raps, you're an insecure asshole who feels like shit because of
the drugs that you scarf whole, you think you're high but you're not, just a guy
... and 43 more lines
by Hell_has_come
3 days ago 
2 props 
//0:00 - 0:20
Yo, some out here, thinking they're all that.
Acting high and mighty. They can do that against me, but
... and 69 more lines
by Original_fio
2 days ago 
JR Smith
2 props 
by Fratricide
7 days ago 
Sewer clown
B2 props Recorded
Killer in the sewers this is homicide
Minor population facing genocide
Suicide is better, both for you and I
Cus from what I've seen, your afraid of the night
... and 28 more lines
by Comely
1 day ago 
Signs FT Emily
B2 props
Speedy's Hook:
We see the signs of a spiritual war between earth and God
Lord bless us with safety we repent we not like the hot Rod (Satan)
We seeing signs yeah gotta repent before it's too late stop the hate
... and 22 more lines
by Speedy16
4 days ago 
ShapeShift - Answers
A+2 props Recorded
There's tears dripping on my window pane puffing on the endo flame, Constantly replaying vivid thoughts within your brain,
Just an object in the game and your consciousness deranged, I just ponder everyday why we are locked up in these chains,
Got the product in their vein and they never been the same, watch there confidence erase Satan mocks them in the rain,
I'm a prophet of this age here to say we gotta change, It's getting harder to refrain from putting bullets in my brain,
... and 10 more lines
by ShapeShift
1 day ago 
Messed Up
B-2 props Recorded
I need someone to fix my heart
Now I'm lost
I need someone to sew these scars
... and 18 more lines
by Ballistik
1 day ago 
Set stone
B2 props
Nothin set in stone but graveyard bones
I pray im not alone by that day
No control with faith
In my zone like auto or touchdown
... and 26 more lines
by DubYa
4 days ago 
Devil FT Ariel
B2 props 
Tha devil tryna take bitches soul
Lossin control
We ain’t got time to play a role
Dats how we roll
... and 43 more lines
by LilJJdaMoney
5 days ago 
B+2 props 
Living my life in the limits was boring,
That didn’t give me endorphins,
Tryna [go pro], had to get to [recording],
Give me the torch, all my syllables scorching,
... and 10 more lines
by Talk-Sick
7 days ago 

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