Psycho Killa
A+60 props Recorded
y’all hearda this shit, murderin’ every verse that I spit
I twirl on a pip, then flip these sick perverted ass hits
hit ya with wicked written bars, harder than the ones in prison
thinkin’ this ain’t the shit? ya can lick my dick till it’s jizzin’
... and 28 more lines
by Myki
7 days ago 
The-Venom - Venomous Slaughter 3 ft. BELLVADEAR
B44 props 
//1 Verse - The-Venom//
How can it be? That I had to quit and come back? This place is dead it had a massive drawback
My Venomous Slaughters kill your originals, time to kick back that trash in the gutter
'Cause I'm a young fellow, aka known also as a motherfucker, that spits fire like a dragon
... and 56 more lines
by The-Venom
5 days ago 
part of life
29 props Recorded
uu said this is part of life then u walked out of mine on that
summer night
now i dont go anywhere that reminds me of u
ballroom dancing with the ghosts & the goblins
... and 8 more lines
by Mac
5 days ago 
Watch it ft. AyJay [Prod.HXRIN]
A-25 props Recorded
Legendary Collab
[SmerdiS ] [Hook]
Drip Too Hard watch the floor cause it's wet
Drip Too Hard watch your feet might slip
... and 43 more lines
6 days ago 
B-19 props Recorded
Four in the morning and I can’t sleep
Can’t speak not even a peep
So I hop in the whip and I take to the streets
And I’m blazing through trees
... and 38 more lines
by Negative-Bravo
5 days ago 
B-13 props Recorded
mask off feeling like im rockey
ill kick you like im rock lee
running through the crib
with a stick like its hockey
... and 75 more lines
5 days ago 
My Song 146
12 props Recorded
Coming soon innit
2 days ago 
The Motto ft Clyde Cyrus
B+12 props Recorded
What's the motto?
Love is the only law that I follow
That's word to Morocco
Some avacado inside of my salad
... and 35 more lines
by MetriGee
3 days ago 
Big Diss
B11 props
Juz up a Trae on me? Kaze must be going through a phase
You niggas wanted competition well you can have a taste
Maverick get spurred slowly turnt into paste
Psycho crying for his boyfriend defending himself from bullets with a can of mace
... and 13 more lines
by Motto
6 days ago 
Buggin' Out (Remix)
B11 props 
[Verse 1]
Microphone check, one two, who is this?
Arc's on the block, Storm of lightning you witness
Heavy like bedrock, tempting to Digit
... and 75 more lines
by ArcShock
3 days ago 
Ran through The Ringer (Ft. StormTheArsonist)
11 props Recorded
//HoloRhyme's Verse
It's usually rap where I get my doo goodin numerous humurous spats, desputin
human amusement back you wouldn't rumour the facts I bring toward the light
or this illuminous lumens you fags. no wonder i'm always flippin the bird,
... and 48 more lines
by Holorhyme
1 day ago 
Bad Bad Man 2 (everyone diss}
B-9 props 
4 years in this game, making still motherfuckers lose
Their little brains over some shit I say, here I come and slay
Better fucking start to prey, let the war games begin, blow the
Birthday candles and wish kaze was never here, the flow is just
... and 29 more lines
by Kaze45
6 days ago 
Kaze Response
B9 props
Decided to kill time for a quick write, this guy dissed me and this kid's right
"This is an example of wannabe rappers trying to find a meaning in life, by doing writtens on a shit site"
But for him I, can't really see a difference on the flip side.
... and 15 more lines
by Maverick
6 days ago 
The Kaze Show (Everyone diss pt.2)
9 props 
Another day in the life of rappads greatest more like
Rappads lamest, your turning to be brainless, don't even
Try to face this I'll make [Godly] look like a pigeon that
That can't leave the nest cuz I'll break his wings, look kids
... and 31 more lines
by Kaze45
5 days ago 
ChristopherScottH BYOB Verse
B+9 props
This Chris Dude looks like[ Lyric Lee An Slim Crazy´s Sloppy Cousin ](He writes like Lyric Lee :P and his bars are Like Slim Crazys)
Against this Battle Newb I Bludgeon imma Eat Up Like A Luncheon
A Single Shot so Sudden Leaves em in a [ Matrix ] Tryin to heal wit [ Neo]sporin
Send em [ Back A ](Baka) Step Trippin this [ Fool ](Baka means fool lol its Japanese or Weebanese) Like my Tongues a Sloelace Talkin Foreign
... and 12 more lines
by ParraDoxx
6 days ago 
Mordekai (Beege) - Universal Pull
9 props Recorded
Just Listen
by Beege
6 days ago 
Lil UwU - Feel Good Inc (Remix)
B9 props Recorded
They telling me to stop, but I didn’t even start
This the pre-game, just warming up my art
They hear this, act like dad and they dart
They all scared, of the art that comes, from the heart
... and 28 more lines
by Lil_UwU
4 days ago 
Wake up??
8 props
Is any other body awake right now?
4 days ago 
Ultra Violent feat. Logic
A-8 props 
(Starts about 2.07, after the Logic verse)
Yeah, It's Tom and Bobby Boy, the 1-800 guy
Flows hotter than Lucifer even though Heaven sent him, right?
Gotta keep up the grind, I gotta keep up the fight,
... and 22 more lines
by Hutchy371
3 days ago 
7 props
I woke up again in tears ptsd not breathing.
Pain-ic attack kicks in as my hearts faster beating, like its gonna busrt out my seems and ima die out bleeding.
I scream for a second to realease the anguish and it hurts so bad I can't even fathom what the pain is.
It doesn't make me feel any different the veils so thick and I'm to weak to uplift it.
... and 18 more lines
4 days ago 
Heat (prod. Pilgrim)
7 props Recorded
Cookin’ up, some shit we lit
Broken hearts, still fuck with it
Ain’t no time for fakes, ain’t a bit
... and 51 more lines
by fux
6 days ago 
Future Song Mebe
B7 props 
//Here we go again
Im Sittin Here Mixin [ Poisonous Shots ]Like a [ Bartender ]An A [ Alchemist ]
Crunchin Rhyme Syllables Like an Analyst Ideas Guide the Pragmatist
Mixin Words Till it forms a Catalyst Servin Dope Like an Illegal Pharmacist
... and 14 more lines
by ParraDoxx
4 days ago 
Ghost In The Machine
B-7 props 
Fallen Famous We Did It Again Star Strucked Records Baby Hypnotic
Hook: Ghost in The Machine get up on these beats so fresh so clean
Real Bosses know what i mean
let the haters hate it dont mean a damn thing
... and 132 more lines
by HazeStarzHypnotic
6 days ago 
B6 props 
it still hurts knowing that you did this to me
how could you when you knew it would be effecting me
all the shit i been through is because of you so stop giving me issues
you know im attached to you until i be turning blue
... and 19 more lines
by blahh1012345
2 days ago 
Ain't Nobody Stoppin' Me
B6 props
These rappers claim they got flow but half of their shit is not even dope
I'm on a go, you below, yeah I got something you bitches should know
There's so much ice on my wrist that it makes my whole body glow
They do not like how I role, I-I come with bad bitches and patrols
... and 53 more lines
by Baebee_Doll
4 days ago 
Motto Response
6 props
by Maverick
6 days ago 
Untitled Song
B6 props 
(wait til 5 secs)
things havent been the same lately
they been crazy, shady, maybe its time to leave
so i can achieve, believe in myself and my own self esteem
... and 28 more lines
by blahh1012345
7 days ago 
Mentally Unstable
6 props Recorded
[Verse 1]
I used to question is this even the path for me
Dark thoughts used to lead me into blasphemy
Waking up my mind would think "what a catastrophe"
... and 45 more lines
by Reign
2 days ago 
K-LAZY (42 Bars)
B6 props
This nigga like to claim shit
stolen valor, he on that lame shit
stop the talk, because you ain’t crip
tryna claim from where i came
... and 38 more lines
by 42DEMON
1 day ago 
1013 Freestyle (Prod. Proficient Prophet)
6 props Recorded
Lyrics coming soon!!
by ProficientProphet
4 days ago 
Gen XIII Compilation (Exilez Memorial)
B5 props
//[Verse I]
Fucked up, now I'm attached, both my hands tied
Trying to find some shine when I grasp only the black light
But I don't care if you have lied, I'm sticking to this ship 'till it capsize
... and 67 more lines
by conari-acaciuz
6 days ago 
At War With God
A-5 props Recorded
Humanities hideous, god what’s this silliness?
must of gone numb in the hands, i aint feeling this,
yes we advanced and its cool at first glance but ironically worse than the past, its insidious,
part of ya plan? I guess we wouldn’t know… we pray to a stranger like we is delirious,
... and 9 more lines
by BXile
2 days ago 

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