Week 57 - Off the top freestyle to Golden Terra of Rap
28 props Recorded
Off the top freestyle to Golden Terra of Rap by Canibus
by Geddis
4 days ago 
25 props Recorded
... and 2 more lines
by ArjO_BigFreak
6 days ago 
A20 props Recorded
just call me the villain A K A the antagonist cause while i'm rappin' it i eat the track like im ravenous
chillin with your girl grabbing glutenous maximus the mic is like the cannabis there aint no way im passing it
got me myself and i guess im hanging with the savages mad hatter in the underland i wonder where the alice is
put a drink me sign where a bottle of acid is im acting blasphemous while stealing happiness from classic kids
... and 12 more lines
by JBeatz-Ft-FULLCL1P
7 days ago 
Duplexity (w/ Lexi the Lexiconist)
19 props Recorded
listen in and decipher the lyrics for yourselves...
oh & happy birthday to lexie <3
by ClydeCabbage
3 days ago 
Dreamz feat. Selena
B-16 props 
What up baby let me talk for a minute
Listen to words that I regularly spit
It's not like sending a box of chocolates
It's a time that we got to reflect
... and 43 more lines
by SimpleSly
6 days ago 
"That Block" MUSIC VIDEO
16 props Recorded
And it just don't work, please do me a favour.
I ain't got time to perfect my rhymes, let me do this later.
Cos I got that block; please do me a favour,
... and 46 more lines
by Sutherland
7 days ago 
4:37 in the a.m............not even sure if I wrote this to me or someone else lol
B16 props Recorded
I really have no idea why people even follow me,
I hate micro management, the spotlight, and society,
so dumb to be a Shakespeare but blackout my emotion,
but wanna love so deep, I got it, but for some reason, I'm still broken?
... and 12 more lines
6 days ago 
This is me......
A-14 props
I wish I could be as careless as other dumb b****, selling their bareless bodies, souls, or both, for some temporary comfort
with Richie Riches,
Laugh and think I'm jealous, your sadly mistaken, I could acquire what they got, if not I could f*** take it,
I choose not to live that way, violence is nonsense, I could not give two f***, but I still have a conscious,
... and 25 more lines
about 21 hours ago 
Free Smoke Remix ft. TLA
13 props Recorded
Mixtape coming soon...
by Hydr0xide
6 days ago 
Curse of the poet
B12 props Recorded
where was I going with this
shit man I forgot
I been struggling overcome this writers block
I had due dates for tape I'm loosing sight of em
... and 60 more lines
by Ego_the_Kid
1 day ago 
Love yal!
C+11 props
Feeling enlightened, hope yal have an excellent morning,
And a great rest of the day, be humble this day, for me,
here's a hug my lovely's I know all of us need it,
And I'll send you my energies, my aura's lit,
... and 6 more lines
5 days ago 
2016 Hours (feat. SwimmingSlug)
11 props Recorded
I been looking for appreciation at the core of the nation
I can't ignore the consequences I been warned, now I'm testing
I'm at war with myself, the fuck can i not afford that?
... and 73 more lines
by ThatNikoli
3 days ago 
Shooting Multi's
9 props Recorded
just listen man.
by Jeff_
6 days ago 
A9 props Recorded
Infamous syndicate, fuck it up live with it, mess it up deal with it,  
Money Bitches I want it all, Whiskey Liquor I want it all, Let’s have a ball,
rager is thrown, rappers are clones, drownin in money leave me alone,
... and 51 more lines
4 days ago 
B+8 props 
Man why this shit got to be so isolated
Why the fuck do my life got to be so complicated
Lookin at my past an I fucking hate it
Me motherfucker I'm so desperate wondering if that check legit
... and 66 more lines
by Ginge
3 days ago 
a dark night
B+8 props Recorded
bout to bring the pain call the beat bruce wayne ima bout to give the tracks back a crack like bane
took two doses of the jokers laughing gas now im insane but im getting ahead of myself so just sit back while i explain
on a dark night the kid and his parents were in the rain life was good they were rich so they really couldn't complain
until a gun appeared in their face aiming for their brain and from that point on the kids life will never be the same
... and 10 more lines
by JBeatz-Ft-FULLCL1P
6 days ago 
Justice Served
A-8 props
Back to the pen and the piece of paper
Do us a favor, the rap is drownin' , please come n save her
Back to the game, i tame, ur mic , u're lame
We not the same
... and 20 more lines
by Sario
6 days ago 
Fuel To My Fire
B-7 props 
talking// mom, i know im not with you right now, i understand that your hurt,
i just want you to know i love you so much <3
your not perfect, but your all I want, you fall from worth it,
... and 41 more lines
by __queen__
4 days ago 
No Love
7 props Recorded
Wow people just are dumb these days
Bullying is just something that needs to end
//Chorus\\ (DK5566)
... and 150 more lines
by DragonKIller5566
5 days ago 
A-7 props Recorded
[She's my trap queen, let her hit my bando
Smoking weed all day, call dem bad bois
Hit the shower, then the club,then my bando
I dont gv a fuck wen am in ma bando]x2
... and 57 more lines
by KingPharaoh
5 days ago 
Level Above
B+6 props 
on some rap shit.. nobody alive can match this
from new-jack to boom bap, i flip like gymnastics
hijack your station, keep the DJ captive
with my track making more rotations than the planet's axis
... and 11 more lines
by Pilkington
5 days ago 
Rest Easy Angel 10/17/17
B6 props
This might be the hardest song I ever had to write
They told me you were gone I thought it was fake
I promised you to not break, all the memories we had were great
I wonder if your watching us from up above, Where you at g. rich this shit tough without you,
... and 24 more lines
by EstebanRuiz
5 days ago 
Hollowpoint love
B-6 props
Can barely focus, you never cared I was broken
Was in my feels when my pop was on his death bed but you were too busy to notice
Here I go again preaching like I know who you are, too busy stuck in your phone to notice the stars
Hell you were too busy to even notice my scars
... and 29 more lines
by xxxSpace
1 day ago 
Ohana Means Family
B6 props Recorded
Got given a one in a million chance
To be livin a life with these human hands
The Dextrious capablities with Opposable thumbs
The ability to spit fluid lyrics through the toungue
... and 62 more lines
by jAMB
7 days ago 
Heart Grenade Serenade (prod. Clooper x Importmedia)
B+6 props Recorded
I know it's tough
A good bye isn't enough
So let me serenade you
with this heart you made
... and 35 more lines
by ilWesto
4 days ago 
B-6 props
//Intro\\ (DK5566)
People start hating because of your success
When they hate, they change
Those same people don't love you no more
... and 172 more lines
by DragonKIller5566
5 days ago 
Sweet Escape (Prod. by B.Young) (interlude)
6 props Recorded
Took another picture wit a pint of liquor, between my palms and fingers
wit my middle finger like "fuck it"
acting careless when I really wasn't
I was buzzing, I was buggin' like a forest or a undercover cop
... and 13 more lines
by ElinetheMC
3 days ago 
MasterArap Diss
B-6 props
til the day we die there ain't no fucking battle between you and i.
mastertrip, because you ain't got the "a". i spit the complex shit, superstardom
against this wack butt-dust. i smell bacon because i'm roasting you so much
... and 70 more lines
by Marqo_Knowledge
5 days ago 
A5 props 
I'm a man who hides. A man who always seems to get lost in the tides.
A man who doesn't want to talk to anyone. Matter of fact, a man who doesn't want to be anyone
Leave me alone please, just leave me alone to my music or I swear I'll lose it.
... and 43 more lines
by Kindled
2 days ago 
Guess so
5 props Recorded
[Verse 1]
I just want someone to love me is that too much to ask? Guess so,
yes no?, well either love me or kiss my ass!, lets go!
I’m pretty nice and I guess I ain’t really looking for a price,
... and 24 more lines
by Exiled
7 days ago 
fake people
B5 props 
looking back at things
i made a lot of wrong choices trusted the wrong people
people can be so twisted these days
i just wanted to be treated equal and make thing peaceful
... and 13 more lines
by babiprincess
6 days ago 
A5 props 
Suicide tight at my wrist
suicide life knife at my ribs
Suicide tight at my wrist
suicide life knife at my ribs
... and 32 more lines
3 days ago 

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