Stand Up By StormTheArsonist
B44 props 
:20 first verse
My past was full of bullying and harassment
being picked on daily was a embarrassment
one can say I was born special with a mark on my temple
... and 47 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
1 day ago 
Everybody's Stopping
B+31 props Recorded
Everybody's stopping
I got them watching locking eyes 'n everybody talking
I've got them flocking all around me should I spit like Hopsin?
This ain't an option let's all clock in 'n I'll start a mosh pit
... and 67 more lines
by Silvershine
3 days ago 
VENDETTA FEAT. 6Kill Christian Lanes
B+27 props 
//6KIll 0:21
Get back, gotta get back atcha,
Tossed it at me first, now get back, catcher,
You wanted smoke, well here’s a pack, slacker,
... and 57 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
4 days ago 
My memorabilia Ft PsychoPuppet & NeoArno
B27 props 
//verse 1//(PsychoPuppet
Turn the key and walk in through the door
Into the home that once was where I ain’t live anymore
My memorabilia of memories piled up high
... and 47 more lines
by E-Z-Khay
4 days ago 
A-22 props Recorded
Something new I've been working on, the song will be called "Goddamn" when its finished, check it out let me know what you think really p...
Oh goddamn man tell em what a sinner be
Oh goddamn man hit em with the energy
... and 26 more lines
by Matax
6 days ago 
21 props
(Chorus 8.0)
Smokin' that dope, Why can't I cope? Feeling depressed I'm always alone,
Check on my phone I'm always a ghost, Feeling dead just might overdose,
I ain't got friends, Whoever hits me up only wanna hang on the weekends,
... and 24 more lines
by SaDbOyTrAdGiC
4 days ago 
Change/I miss you
21 props Recorded
im alone and i need some help,
i never learned how to speak in public,
I can barley talk to myself, without getting pissed about something
your favorite movie came on last night,
... and 21 more lines
by Larson_Oats
5 days ago 
18 props Recorded
I think itd be unusual to say
The things I feel
Crimson skies
And dimming lights
... and 15 more lines
by gomery
2 days ago 
Callin - "Art With A Pen" (Written+Beat)
A-18 props 
// Intro \\
Rap is my emotional output, I honestly believe that I can make
Art With A Pen, just sit back and watch a masterpiece unfold.
// Verse 1 - Lunatic A.K.A. Callin \\
... and 34 more lines
by Callin
4 days ago 
My Ascension (Dear God Remix)
B17 props 
Why is it that when i pray for life to go right for me...
that it never does...
... and 73 more lines
by BZ23
2 days ago 
1 AM remix (feat. M-Savage)
B-16 props Recorded
You know the names Apollo and I'm up next
The path I gotta go to be a star is a trek
I'm torying different lanez like my name is daystar
You talk about guns I got homies with a rs
... and 18 more lines
by NextApollo
about 18 hours ago 
That's The Way It Goes
C+15 props Recorded
Let me know, when you down to ride,
I been tryna give it all I got and, baby,
I ain’t got nothing to give,
Put my heart and soul into this shit
... and 30 more lines
by InTention
7 days ago 
Metaphor Alchemy
15 props Recorded
Way over yalls heads....
by LyricLee
5 days ago 
How We Should Bars
B14 props 
We had it good til it wasn't we could
Could be lovin how we should
we had it good til it wasnt we could
... and 38 more lines
by HazeStarzHypnotic
3 days ago 
HusL - Beam Me Up (Prod By DJ Smuv)
B+14 props Recorded
Ladies and gentlemen what you are witnessing has never been seen before
A man has ascended towards the sky and made contact with the other side
For the viewers at home I would like to inform you that what you are seeing, is real
Your television set is not malfunctioning
... and 90 more lines
by HusL
4 days ago 
I'll try to explain cover
B14 props Recorded
I been tryna switch up my lyrics
And fixing my mixing sometimes you can't even hear it
I'm hit with a blessing sometimes I can't even see it
I smoke so much potent I swear I practically breathe it
... and 29 more lines
by TateBronze
2 days ago 
FrivolousShara - Trial of the Labyrinth (Ft. Kisai, GenWorld, & HusL)[VGMV]
B13 props Recorded
I am John Wick with the pencil, Link with the sword
How they correlate yo, you better check the lore
This a metaphor for my lyrical vigor
... and 88 more lines
by HusL
1 day ago 
Confessions (Feat.E-Z-Khay)
B-13 props 
[E-Z-Khay Verse:]
I'm looking up to the man above to realize he doesn't care
God is gone, the devil's there, to make my life full of despair
Blood trickling down her face, staining her skin
... and 44 more lines
by Kaze45
3 days ago 
Genesiss2xx-Point Him Out
A-13 props Recorded
there for you there for me you kill for me i kill for you
in hell you go in hell i go you die for me i do for you
you there for me im ther for you we stuck like glue
... and 58 more lines
by Genesiss2x
6 days ago 
Case Dismissed
C+13 props
Niggas wanna run they mouth, until I run right through them
Drag them on the floor like a mop, they got it twisted when I screw them
They starting shit but I’m the one ending it
They throw challenges but I’m defending shit
... and 26 more lines
by Topshotta
4 days ago 
Internal Rhyme Killa
B+12 props 
//EM 0:30
Yeah, now here's the internal rhyme killer,
when I serve your dinner betta say ''thank you Mr.'',
10 piece wing bucket off the market for this fatty,
... and 37 more lines
by Electro_Magnetik
4 days ago 
Game - Ryno
B+12 props Recorded
Stuck inside this
Stuck inside this, game
'Cause I've been stuck inside this
... and 56 more lines
by Rynoofficial
about 15 hours ago 
Deep Whole I'm In
B11 props
Intro: Yea. Yall know how much ive messed up.
I just want to take it all back, just start right back from scratch.
Do it all over again and fix the mistakes. Some yall can relate...
Yea. I know all these people. They keep saying. Let it go man!
... and 36 more lines
by CP_Flowz
3 days ago 
B-11 props Recorded
lookin for a fight
im on my late night shit
we goin for a ride
... and 41 more lines
by Nvent
4 days ago 
B11 props 
Tired of trying but he don't care,
Tired of him saying i love you all lies,
Tired fo feeling that this life ain't fare,
Tired of him being here go get lost,
... and 36 more lines
3 days ago 
Da Cypher
B11 props 
Yo, pass me the microphone so I can set the tone
Niggas gon' need a Lotta help I ain't talking bank loans
Niggas know who blow the dust off an old record
... and 62 more lines
by Dr3amz
1 day ago 
Money (Prod. Ross Gossage &JKei_2)
11 props Recorded
I care bout my money I don't care bout nothing else
Smoking hella backwoods I ain't thinking bout my health
Smoking on straight loud, you can tell tell just by the smell
If I said I love you would you run and tell and yell
... and 16 more lines
by MambaThrash
1 day ago 
A-11 props 
You alright,
Nah imma cry,
For real like cry,
And my heart is broke,
... and 59 more lines
5 days ago 
B11 props Recorded
Respect the dead, bitch ass Condeos.
Oh, no, George, little prick, run and duck for cover when I spit a diss,
I know you goin’ reply and that you fin’ miss.
Let’s talk about the fact you manipulated your beef,
... and 17 more lines
3 days ago 
True Depression
B-10 props 
I don't really care what you say
But whatever you do don't get in my way
Yeah my name High_Chances and I get 'em everyday
... and 47 more lines
by High_Chances
1 day ago 
Spit Real
B10 props Recorded
Dear lord forgive me
For I have sinned
In a room filled with people and im still lonely
spitting real preaching real yea so listen closely
... and 41 more lines
by SavXge
6 days ago 
Retribution (MCRuthless, Young_Shady, Baebae Doll diss)
B10 props 
MCRuthless in his sewer butt-kissing,
Missing half his brain, trynna keep dissing,
Volunteering for fletching, starts puking,
Then coming back for his second helping!
... and 32 more lines
by Catylix-Collateral
6 days ago 

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