RapPad Names By StormTheArsonist
A-50 props 
"LyricLee" i'm a "Goat" on paper, digging deep like a "Raz3r"
I "Ame" for "Content" that forces comments to pop up by nature
Ya'll caught the vapors, someone call "Doc" for meds for all you haters
... and 26 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
3 days ago 
Murdered Ink
A-42 props Recorded
Spit the hottest phrases leave MCs discombobulated
The legend left a severed head drippin on the pavement
Made egos shrink with what was written on the pages
... and 51 more lines
by Croc
1 day ago 
Night Out Ft. Blonde
C+42 props Recorded
Shawty wanna night out
then come see me
Hit it with the lights out
... and 73 more lines
by Daril
3 days ago 
Prickster (Trickster and Lil_TB diss)
B30 props 
This motherfucker's dick rider
Just won't shut up, will you?
Talking 'bout I will always lose against him
... and 56 more lines
by Young_Shady
7 days ago 
Let Me Die (Feat M-40)
27 props Recorded
//K-Santana does magic//
//Listen to the song//
by Kazoku
5 days ago 
Salt In The Wounds
B22 props 
This is More than Salt in the Wounds
These Halls and These Rooms
Remind me Of The Long Talks From All the Likes Of You
How Could I Defuse The Pain That We Have
... and 51 more lines
7 days ago 
Real Lxfe - Dreamlxfe (feat. Rugged WRLD)
A21 props 
(Verse 1) - Dreamlxfe 0:12
I know this girl her names Monica i swear she's had a rough tough life
She wanted to leave the world so she cut herself with blades and a knife
See that didnt work so she be feeling worse and more hurt
... and 43 more lines
by Rugged_WRLD
4 days ago 
First published recordin
B16 props Recorded
When I drop my pen the earthquakes
The pen ink becomes the demon I birthed it awakes
Everything you had comes to a sudden stop like emergency brakes
The revery sings in ancient tongues my mind hurricanes thoughts
... and 8 more lines
by Atreus
5 days ago 
Monster - DaJackHerer
A15 props Recorded
Kill shit - conquer
motherfucking monster
This is writing practice, I fight with tactics different attacks like knights with hatchets,
you wanna be brighter, I'll light the matches to make you disappear like a night of magic
... and 30 more lines
by DaJackHerer
4 days ago 
14 props Recorded
by Papikaiser
3 days ago 
Everybody Lies
B13 props Recorded
Maybe a lot of weed would serve this shit
Maybe a lot of beats would serve this shit
Maybe i can tell you about the shit in my mind but you won't even trusta word from all this shit
I'm feeling nothing but just a dumb
... and 38 more lines
by Sario
6 days ago 
A+13 props 
JasonDoorstam verse
We're just cannibals, lust animals
Love chemicals, are rushing my melon
got her, blushing and yelling
... and 41 more lines
by JasonDoorstam
6 days ago 
MiC ChecK 3 Prod Tosuaw
A-11 props Recorded
Roll or get rolled over I shut shit down
For whatever fuck the thrown I protect my crown
Possess too much knowledge in the lessons I found
Truth matter fact I lock n load I lay fools out
... and 14 more lines
7 days ago 
Crushed uP
B11 props 
//Pls Do Prop (If u Liked)
Hide, let it go.. shine, even the dirt so fine
don't hesitate to stand ground, cause we better than that
having to eat outside,
... and 80 more lines
by VibeKill
5 days ago 
Heartache Ft. Skyking420
B11 props 
//Chorus//0:00 - 0:36)
Have you ever went through heartbreak
So bad that it puts you into that dark place
... and 44 more lines
by E-Z-Khay
5 days ago 
On the edge - rec from my car
B11 props Recorded
I was driving while i was recording this from my phone on its holster so it
Isnt studio quality but here goes...
And if youre wondering about the accent - im Scottish
( Verse starts at 0.40ish, turn volume up - quality sucks - voice sounds distant)
... and 24 more lines
by RandomBrownGuy
6 days ago 
Textbook *****
A-11 props Recorded
i aint gonna be
who i gotta be
youre gonna see
fuck you'll want me
... and 35 more lines
by Olls
1 day ago 
Shocking Feeling [Ft StormTheArsonist]
A-11 props 
I’ve got a shocking feeling... 2x
Verse 1: LilTB
I’m just a wire
It’s Because your ringers are tingling in the fingers, These are my big bangers, Rappers choose to be actors..
... and 46 more lines
by Lil_TB
5 days ago 
Battle of corona (Ft. StormOwens)
B+10 props
Us girls are gonna make corona pay,
Us boys we gonna make corona go away
Gonna fight at this hard time,
... and 47 more lines
by 1Miamaster1
3 days ago 
The Society
B10 props 
Hahaha, we all have to follow you......
How many fuckwads exist in this shit?
So many 15-year-old pricks who do robberies,
... and 118 more lines
by Rayne-Man
6 days ago 
Capping Like It's True
B10 props 
[Start from 00:12]
Ay, this goes out for all the snake ass bitches i've ever met,
never knew a basic bitch could have this sass on the internet,
always saying she sick but the dumbass, never broke a sweat,
... and 23 more lines
by Ryga
3 days ago 
B9 props
at night when i'm tryna sleep these monsters creep
waking me from the dead, fucking with my head
i just want some rest
a place to nest inside my head where i'd be safe at last
... and 17 more lines
by Outcasts_Shadow17
7 days ago 
Speakin' My mind
B-9 props
I've got a whole lot to say
I lost a lot of good friends on the way
I only speak my mind
Got some words I need to find
... and 20 more lines
by StormOwens
6 days ago 
Thoughts Xpress (Random)
B-8 props 
//Do Prop Pls If U Like
What you gonna say to me, Just spit it out, I smell greed
Some bad words, profanity,
c'mon shoot
... and 58 more lines
by VibeKill
5 days ago 
Salvo - Rugged WRLD
B8 props
(Chorus) - Rugged WRLD
those born rich really got they mouths full
who's livin' in the shade under someone else's shadow
but people on the lower end got somethin' real to be proud fo'
... and 44 more lines
by Rugged_WRLD
7 days ago 
"What is poetry"
8 props 
Had to say what poetry was for a class and went down on everyone.
Any line in () is to sub for the line above it, for the clean version.
... and 27 more lines
by Spectrum645
7 days ago 
B8 props
It all started in 2007
I came down to earth from all the way up from heaven
2009 I had a problem with my spine but a few months later I turned out fine
2010 I got to school my friends we pretty cool
... and 37 more lines
by Clover-G
6 days ago 
My Life Out
B8 props 
//Do Prop Pls If U Likk
This about my things yo, my life, my past
Memories i don't want, dreams that make it haunt
... and 37 more lines
by VibeKill
4 days ago 
B-8 props
//normal singing//
the sun rises and i try to smile, thinking about all the good times we had
just to look over.. and see that picture beside my bed
feeling so cold missing you now your gone
... and 23 more lines
by Outcasts_Shadow17
3 days ago 
8 props Recorded
My take on KSI's PoppinChallenge, hope you like it !
by Willy_Da_Funky_Kid
5 days ago 
SidA - Book of Myths
B8 props 
All my haters
My doubters
I’m a supernatural fighter
... and 100 more lines
by SidA
7 days ago 
SidA - Theme Park
8 props 
It’s what you make it
So I decided to make mine into a dream
... and 79 more lines
by SidA
7 days ago 

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