ShapeShift - Lost
B25 props Recorded
Slice my wrists I don't even fucking exist,
every time I get up on the mic you Know I'm the shit,
I'm the type of person that was always taught to resist,
government is killing all of us a toxin abyss,
... and 4 more lines
by ShapeShift
2 days ago 
B+18 props Recorded
So you wanna be the goat, goat, goat, goat, goat, goat, bahhh
I'm the Chupacabra, cabra, cabra, cabra, cabra, cabra
So you wanna be the goat, goat, goat, goat, goat, goat, bahhh
I'm the Chupacabra, cabra, cabra, cabra, cabra, cabra
... and 88 more lines
by HusL
6 days ago 
As Blood Runs Cold (ft. Kidd Kenny) [Prod. IOF]
16 props Recorded
Scream for me!
Let me hear you suffering!
I love that your blood runs so damn cold
... and 55 more lines
by AViT
3 days ago 
The Boogeyman (ft. Big Pate & Pompey)
B13 props Recorded
[Verse 1]
I'm a little inconsiderate.
My rhyme scheme is belligerent.
I love that I'm so different.
... and 91 more lines
by RDR3
5 days ago 
With my rhymes (Remastered)
A-13 props 
Dropping gems like diddy, making these shitty rhymes, to impress the rest of the
Depressed and stressed obsessed bitches who are from the west, just to listen
To me say who’s the best, with my rhymes, I make [5 dimes](5 dimes, 50 cent, should be obvious) it ain’t too sublime
... and 62 more lines
by Thom
4 days ago 
Dance With Ya (Official Music Video)
A12 props Recorded
Dance With Ya Music Video by Infinite
Produced by Infinite
✅ Stream it on Spotify here
... and 12 more lines
by -Infinite-
4 days ago 
Change (prod. KaneBeats)
C+11 props Recorded
i got 2 names on my list
it goes like kane and coxa thats it
im on my superhuman shit
my rhymes think fast my punches hit
... and 44 more lines
6 days ago 
10 props 
[May I have your attention, please?](All intro lines are Sampled from Eminem’s “Real slim shady”)
May I have your attention, please?
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
... and 92 more lines
by Thom
7 days ago 
A9 props 
//Start, 0:12//
such lawlessness, Apocalypse, yes my raps are solid, bitch,
i am a myth just like a [cockatrice,](Mythical wyvern with the head of a cock) noone's droppin' this, you're rotten bitch
grab the gun and cock it, lit, expert like a doctorate,
... and 47 more lines
by vandalistics
1 day ago 
Gourmet Race
B+9 props Recorded
If the stories are true, and you really summoned the [Snooze]
Then you are fuckin doomed, I'm your worst [nightmare] since Freddy Kreug
Get smashed by Kirby's blast, a [star's pullin up to beat yo ass](Kirby is a video game character who's theme song was remixed for this b...
This kid's trash a nerdy spaz, losin to the snooz is all you're known as
... and 8 more lines
by Snoozy
4 days ago 
42DEMON, H-Burial - Durty Dan
B8 props
Oh you a mercenary, a gun for hire?
Well fucking words fly higher
You in critical danger, situation's dire
... and 94 more lines
by 42DEMON
3 days ago 
A-8 props Recorded
// bbae
they say im the life of the party who gon top that
step to my height need a top hat
good music im the linc dont talk back
... and 69 more lines
7 days ago 
Dangerous Bars
B+7 props 
You're dangerous 'cause you're honest
You're dangerous, you don't know what you want
Well you left my heart empty as a vacant lot
For any spirit to haunt
... and 70 more lines
by HazeStarzHypnotic
3 days ago 
A+7 props 
Isn’t she lovely?
I think she loves me
I think she loves me
... and 44 more lines
by Y0UNG_G3M1N1
5 days ago 
Fuck Rap
A-7 props 
fuck rap,
recently I've been told I'm a nothing,
and that my legacy is fucking busting,
and I'm forgettable, but I'm still something,
... and 27 more lines
by S_E_E
2 days ago 
B6 props 
Anxieties in my head guess i need more pills
Crying down on my knees ain't no chills here
Pressure on my mind fuck am blind and it kills
Guess this shit is forever fuck the pain not even better
... and 27 more lines
6 days ago 
Cypher of Efficiency (ft. Spartan)
A-6 props 
// Spartan
A skinny dude with brain muscles busting out, Better never catch a hater on my hustle route
Can't trust my mouth, I might cuss you out, I'm harder than making a kid eat brussel sprouts
They wonder what all the fuss about, I find the trash rappers and flush 'em out
... and 30 more lines
by Neo-Arno
5 days ago 
CLOUT feat. Yung Jay
B+5 props Recorded
//Verse 1
[So many bars, feels like I'm on xannies](I've got so many lyrical bars it feels like I'm on Xanax bars and I'm tripping)
I spit two bars, now she's taking off her panties
Fuck the grammys, I'll stay in alleys, shooting grannies
... and 33 more lines
by Tyfu
4 days ago 
Keep A Bali
B-5 props Recorded
they sayin that im faking what I say
just because you aint about it doesnt mean that i dont play
cappin aint in my vocabulary
run it all you want but in the end it gone get hairy
... and 44 more lines
by N-Tox
4 days ago 
Fucking garlic bread is delicious
5 props Recorded
If the child can yeet
So can his feet
But if he cannot
He is a thot
by H-Burial
2 days ago 
The ripper
B+5 props 
The ripper I am,make your face a zipper I can,kill you with clippers I will
Kill you and your stripper I scram I'll kill you worse then my friend Sam
I'll be sure to say thank ya before I shank ya
Look people say I ain't a nice guy
... and 50 more lines
by Raz3_kamui
2 days ago 
Enough Shots
B-5 props 
... and 77 more lines
by -roGue-
2 days ago 
Silk Sheets BEAT
C5 props 
ASAP Rocky type beat
Lemme know what you think about it
Sub to my YouTube for new beats every Friday
HMU for collabs or pricing info
... and 1 more line
by Tympana
2 days ago 
A-5 props Recorded
I'm here to give you evidence that it is evident I'm hell-bound but heaven-sent,
I stay calm in my recklessness, and now I have you checkin' this,
no doubt about it tell me now what is next to fix, my words captive-ate (captivate),
you goin' need an exorcist, if there's a man down, he ain't bein left for shit,
... and 26 more lines
7 days ago 
You ain't that Bitch
A-5 props 
Hair lookin' lavendar. Seeing Colors that arent there.
Yo, candy tastes sweet like nectar. But it be boring to wait for like a lecture.
You'd call it your own adventure. No fake in my tits so I check hers.
You bother to lie, cuz the truth hurts. You call yourself a sad bitch when you just a cave nit.
... and 7 more lines
by hefner
2 days ago 
This Is It
B-5 props
Yeah.... it's been a long time
I been doing this for forever, so whatever
I don't know....what our lookin for
But...You ain't gotta worry no more
... and 28 more lines
by BLAZ3R_21
6 days ago 
Down Low
B5 props Recorded
baby just come inside,
keep it on the down low,
we aint gotta go outside ,
keep it on the down low,
... and 45 more lines
5 days ago 
5 props Recorded
2 honey buns and a tropical sprite,
Its gone be a long night
Its gone be alright
... and 38 more lines
by TylerDeshoun
7 days ago 
Behind Barz
B+4 props 
//Beat originally produced by Kid Hazel, E-Trou & Taz Taylor
//Inspired by Kwengface's #BehindBarz freestyle on LinkUpTV
//Genre: UK Drill
... and 55 more lines
by Jetski_Wavez
3 days ago 
4 props 
PTSD waking me up from bed i look upset
Sad times bad days shit makes me look mad
No drugs fuck these pills i need more no whore
Before i leave this life i gotta score for all my wins
... and 25 more lines
3 days ago 
B4 props 
I feel life just started and it's already over
I feel like i always need to get high, after being sober.
I need to move on to another girl, another joker
Who plays with my heart all the time, call it poker
... and 14 more lines
by ZzEmpty
2 days ago 
Azazels Mind 3
A4 props
Im sick of sitting here with no recognition
My mission is simplistic to spit with diction
Definition, no fiction, just definitive spittin
Yall are ignorant to whats written, listen and look with your vision
... and 16 more lines
by St-Azazel
4 days ago 

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