blasphemy (feat. C.E.B)
26 props Recorded
by Whit
7 days ago 
B-19 props 
( Verses Start At 0:15 )
Aye, yo, death is inevitable; you come and go just like a crack fiend,
no questions asked,
hide or burn the stash just to show your loyalty,
... and 43 more lines
6 days ago 
Alter Image { Abyssalhunter Diss }
19 props 
( Starts at 0:18 )
[ Intro: BarsBreaker ]
Bitches who want to claim this come take a look at this & take it
your just a flamin fag that ain't enough fake me
... and 94 more lines
by BarsBreaker
3 days ago 
3AM (Freestyle.)
B19 props Recorded
3AM, just vibin', dunno where the fuck all the time went.
Constantly layin' quiet, with the thoughts on my mind.
before i know it, i'll be workin' 9 to 5, while i write the rhymes.
i have the times, where i go into a state of my black mind.
... and 11 more lines
by Dappah
5 days ago 
A Fistful
18 props Recorded
Used the be pure, i made some choices low as the floor,
as poor as the poor.. it rottens souls down to the core,
i changed and move forth, two grandmas took a heavenly tour,
said here’s my future lore, I will not live to seventy four,
... and 66 more lines
by BXile
6 days ago 
"Swimming In My Own Tears"
B+17 props 
(Starts at 0:18)
She said she'd never leave me, she'd be stranded by my side even when I was doubtful
Thought of comitting suicide, grabbed some pills, eaten a cupful
I'm maybe exaggerating maybe, it's just that I've encountered had to much scoundrels
... and 18 more lines
by SlatWriter
5 days ago 
HusL - Undisputed
B+17 props Recorded
Baptized in the middle of the ring
I was born to die RIP to Sting
I was blessed to fight it out but I got a fatal destiny
I’ll be fightin til the death of me
... and 56 more lines
by HusL
1 day ago 
Ksi Ares (Claimz remix)
A-15 props 
Bring death destruction blood splattered on the canvas like ares/
[Lost in the sea found later B.C like fuckin' cherries/](Double entendre: cherries originated from black sea and were found sometime in B...
[Grasp my shield, helmet, and sword take up arms like white knight/](Double Entendre: Some of the stuff ares used in war and what a white...
... and 21 more lines
by Claimz
4 days ago 
Bad Bitch Anthem
B14 props
Folks want the smoke so they can come and get it.
Feel the burn, never learn, had to make them regret it
Wanna run they twitter fingers but never address it
Keep the same energy since you passive aggressive
... and 32 more lines
by Celesres
3 days ago 
Bullcrap (StreetKing Battle Verse)
A-13 props
Goddamn, how many times can you lose? Your pride, dignity, life? Screwed, all that this bastard could fucking do
Slyz, i heard you brother, killing a fag, picture the death scene, make it his album cover
Now, before your mugshot ill give you a swollen lip, pathetic idiot talking shit, Like Novas, when he swallowed dick
Cant catch up to me on my worst run, [fuck with me on my worst day](Joyner Lucas Litty Chorus), you sure know how to bluff, till you real...
... and 21 more lines
by ArcShock
7 days ago 
Its Us
B13 props 
My friend
We've stuck together through thick and then
I think about you like somebody who's my own ken
When I'm unfocused it's you who I'mma get at and
... and 41 more lines
by BLAZ3R_21
4 days ago 
B-13 props Recorded
i see them people hating on me
... and 34 more lines
7 days ago 
B-13 props Recorded
Call me the joker cuz I'm feeling like a joke
Fake smile on my face but I'm fine when I'm on dope
Sometimes I wanna die so I grab a fucking rope
Tie it to my neck push the chair brake my neck and choke
... and 28 more lines
by Yavomag
6 days ago 
Think It Grab It (feat Real-Z)
A12 props 
Any dream, planned scheme, work hard for shift downstream/
Work towards your goals and it will come true no more daydream/
plans to be mainstream, enter a regime, or form a new team/
... and 35 more lines
by Claimz
5 days ago 
Dark Days Dark Place by Diamond D-EZ
A12 props 
grip a zip just to flip rollin in stolen whips with full clips so let it slip
the whole bitch ya gotta pitch to the ditch a fucking snitch
in a moments notice so much focus but theres no control of your opponents
10 commandments only partial fragments
... and 26 more lines
by Diamond_D_EZ
7 days ago 
How Far Will I Go
B12 props 
we all queens just as they can all be kings.
life aint always what it seems yet we just live in between
there is no life better than yours so live it with all means
shit be tearing us apart like a shirt with no seams
... and 48 more lines
by Brazy_J
6 days ago 
Stop Sippin'
B11 props
Hold up, hold up, hold up, baby put that drink down
Yeah, you need to stop sipping cause it's time to think now
The lean got you brazy, boy you need to slow down
Sipping on that Henny, how is this gon' go down
... and 68 more lines
by Baebee_Doll
6 days ago 
"Mood Swings, Personality Same"
B11 props 
Mama proud of my accomplishments to say the least
Dissin' me every moment every second, letting you have your feast,
so holy i got my shoes runnin' my feet,
... and 33 more lines
by SlatWriter
1 day ago 
C-11 props Recorded
any feedback is good feedback
[email protected]
Ig _bokiiiiiiiii
by boki_da_bandit
2 days ago 
BackLash (Kaze45 diss)
B+10 props 
"Omg hahahah do you mean your better in writing lyrics on a shit site lmfao gtfo I'm just mobbing you because you believe you mean shit b...
okay so you gay as hoe wanna be rude aye okay i get that you hate my guts but you just wanna step off my pedigree before you get the smok...
bring it bitch i'm ready for this heat you made the mistake of firing shots at me i will give you BackLash till you understand i'm the on...
trying to get into a fight you can't win bitch please i'm the only one who is the whole damn show making me do this what the hell did you...
... and 3 more lines
by abyssalhunter
1 day ago 
B10 props 
I look around its just me shit
Only fish in the sea with
fire lighting up the weed spliff
Silent dreams of a sound mind
... and 41 more lines
by TheProdigalProphet
4 days ago 
IDGAF freestyle
B9 props Recorded
mask on with your bitch like Vendetta
2 bitches they birds and they flocking like feathers
ugly lil hood bitch I take her to Checkers
light woods to my face bitch I feel like I'm Smokey
... and 59 more lines
by G-Zeuso
4 days ago 
B-9 props 
rhymes so fast It's taking your mind for a whirl
last night some one was in my bed pretty sure it was your girl
just getting started boy don't get me started
... and 38 more lines
by Fleeko
6 days ago 
4-5-3-2-9 (Feat.Tricksterz)
B+9 props 
[Tricksterz Verse:]
We excell in lyrics just call us the oligarchy of rap, you don't want us to start messing with you
Battling us with lyrical shit is useless since that's our weapon for use
It's alright, keep yelling because all of ya fuckers agree
... and 32 more lines
by Kaze45
about 19 hours ago 
Dear Mama Remix
B-9 props
Dear Mama,
This a Tupac Remix
so sit back and listen
cold winter day, a baby girl was born
... and 39 more lines
by hxiileyy
3 days ago 
Speed Limit (Freestyle)
B9 props 
[Van Gogh, when I draw out this pistol](Drawing is apart of art, and you can draw a gun.)
[Shady took shots but couldn’t handle the recoil, let alone the shots back](He took shots at me, and now he can’t compete with my verse ...
[Slat’s gon’ get his slat whacked harassin’ people 24/7 then trying to snitch me out](Slat is a synonym for Ribs, and he tried to snitch ...
Blackout ripper stranglin’ these bitches pokin’ they eyes with a can opener,
... and 58 more lines
by Antagonistic
7 days ago 
Red Wine (Feat.Ballistik & Slatwriter)
B9 props 
[Ballistik Verse:]
Everybody wishin that they could beat us
Competition made a shit petition to defeat us
But we don’t care air gets pretty thin up here
... and 57 more lines
by Kaze45
3 days ago 
T3qU!L /-\ L0\/3 P03M$
A-8 props 
Tequila loves poems, raging alcoholics is what we become,
criticism, lyricism, racism, your always playin the victim
thumb tapping, lyric rapping, money stacking, The words we be lacking,
I learned fast and stopped the slacking, learned quick, I'm SaDbOyTrAdGiC
... and 20 more lines
by SaDbOyTrAdGiC
1 day ago 
Young Nigga
B8 props Recorded
Just a young nigga with a dollar and a dream
Always had a plan to ball , million dollar schemes
Keep on chasing paper, and keep up pushing harder
... and 65 more lines
by Nick_Foreala
6 days ago 
8 Types Of Pills In a Year
B-8 props 
Fuck the beat,
Fuck the hook,
I spittin’ the lyrics,
Skipped school in 3rd grade
... and 59 more lines
by Antagonistic
4 days ago 
Death Always Follows
A8 props 
death always follows like a new season of greys anatomy/
Disturb my peace ill make you spit teeth like you got a cavity/
Is this realistic what the fuck is reality/
... and 33 more lines
by Claimz
3 days ago 
I'm Sprung(Remix)
B8 props
My girls name is Hailey ,She my one and only
Before her I was so lonely
Smoking weed to ease my brain coz I was in pain
My heart being broken every single time
... and 36 more lines
by LangeTheSavageKing
7 days ago 

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