Snow White
62 props Recorded
Didn't come from shit - but saw a shitload,
sniff sold in the alley on a brick road.
Role models all following a strict code,
let your lips go then you're colder than the Winter snow.
... and 44 more lines
by Sutherland
6 days ago 
Week 40 - What Would U Do Instrumental
D+18 props 
Off the top freestyle to What Would U Do by Tha Dogg Pound
by Geddis
3 days ago 
O, Master
16 props Recorded
Oh master I'm done,
Oh, mas- oh master I'm done
So Frank don't laugh at your son
It's easy just leave me a bastard and run
... and 41 more lines
by Samuei
4 days ago 
Times Have Changed
15 props Recorded
When I step to the game,
I spit fire and flame,
See I'll rise in fame,
While you writhe in pain.
... and 40 more lines
by Trusc
4 days ago 
Act Right (Prod. By Keem)
B12 props Recorded
I hate when people tell me that I act white,
thought you were the soft type
kick a chair into your stomach,
oh that was your gut, right?
... and 19 more lines
by Joy2D
4 days ago 
Good Times (Prod.Inno)
B11 props Recorded
Get this to 25 props!
Chorus: Good times lookin for them
I just feel divine
getting high with my friends
... and 44 more lines
by Brodey
6 days ago 
F10 props Recorded
Lyrics coming soon..
by ishmael
7 days ago 
Untitled Song
B+10 props
White dude what I Might do
is take some titles Like Jordan Michael
To these young bulls I'm an idol
And I Demand respect from my rivals
... and 11 more lines
by They_Hate_TC
7 days ago 
Dark Sky (Feat. Whit) [prod. geemoney]
9 props Recorded
... and 5 more lines
3 days ago 
Did I Interrupt You
B9 props Recorded
Never gave a damn about a risk
You cant resist the biggest fist give it a kiss
This abyss just twists when i spit
Lonesome troubled kid who never quit
... and 89 more lines
by Mick40
7 days ago 
Survival Of The Fittest
8 props Recorded
Infected world wide, the arrival of the sickest
Last one standing, survival of the fittest
Me and rap go together like Bibles and religion
Towering over competition i'm the Eiffel in this business
... and 28 more lines
by JoeDiaz42013
5 days ago 
Yonkers [Remix]
A-8 props Recorded
//Verse 1
I'm my own spirit animal
Cold cuts from the moments lyrics go cannibal
Black bears attacking me, demons don't face reality
... and 29 more lines
by -Quantum-
6 days ago 
No Love Songs
7 props Recorded
wake up and shake up
and try to get my game up
try to shoot my damn fame up like the lakers
Fuck the haters all the shit the say is lame as fuck
... and 39 more lines
by Skinny_Dude
2 days ago 
A+7 props Recorded
Published on Jun 22, 2017(Today)
"Last week I got to meet The Real Explicit.
It is important to listen when someone with experience is speaking.
EX has been rapping for a while and you can tell by the well established flow and his choice of unconventional topics.
... and 12 more lines
by TheRealExplicit
4 days ago 
This System
6 props Recorded
//New track out guys, another step up in my development peep and check it out people. Leave Feedback.
//Peace B
by FreeThought
6 days ago 
Don't You Know
C-6 props 
Tell me what you think
I would appreciate it you guys would listen to the whole thing.
by Kay3babii
5 days ago 
The Pressed
B-6 props 
I feel haste impatience pressure every day
being pressed conformed just in the right way
their way from the day that i was born
i was enslaved destined controlled by rules
... and 36 more lines
by JonkoJ
6 days ago 
Where's Alice?
5 props Recorded
We're all mad here.
by JohnnyDrama
3 days ago 
Fuck'em Motorolas
B-5 props Recorded
Fuck a Motorola i be trapping off an Iphone
gotta get in the zone cop some drop Styrofoam
Just got a nut on with your bitch in a lambo
She screaming out BeauBo you heard her now i gotta go
... and 60 more lines
by Adieu_Beau
2 days ago 
gombank - am
5 props Recorded
You dont
Need no apology
Ive seeked out the sophists whod
eat burning porridge with glee if you called it sullen
... and 26 more lines
by gomery
6 days ago 
Field Trip (Live Snippet) (Prod. By Drippy)
A5 props Recorded
On cloud nine, I'm wavy
About time they paid me
Its jouska without ya
I'm bound to go crazy
... and 12 more lines
4 days ago 
Pushing Day-Zs (prod. by Raina Milen)
5 props Recorded
I said I'm rollin with my people and my people are not evil (yeah x4)
I said we dance around fires smoking weed til we get higher (yeah x4)
Anything that we desire we ain't fucking with no liars (yeah x2)
... and 35 more lines
by AdrianWrexAlot
about 20 hours ago 
My story.
B-4 props
[Verse 1]
In my heart I got a deep depression.
Misunderstanding life and all its lessons.
Feeling life is moving slow, too much aggression.
... and 41 more lines
by Respire
4 days ago 
boring shit
B+4 props
shits been changing
i find myself switching emotions more than I'd like, i feel like im aging
faster than all my peers cause they seem to be enjoying their teenage years
than ill ever do, cause ive never fit it anywhere besides my size forty pants
... and 14 more lines
by JP-I
6 days ago 
New World
B+4 props
Why is it that we as people never look around to see what the game we
play really be,we just think that we hold the key to the door we always see,
we pray to these gods that we never see we just get on our knees,it's
almost like as kids we were draftees being separated by what we believe,
... and 16 more lines
by LittleTruth
2 days ago 
Against the Ventriloquist
A4 props 
Yo back to basics
Individualism vs Collectivism
lost in the matrix
Vexed in the prism, collecting a prison
... and 20 more lines
by Erudite
3 days ago 
Pulling Up (Prod. BIV)
A-4 props Recorded
Fuck is you gonna do bitch im pulling up/
Run away like a pussy boy, I don't give a fuck/
Bust in yo crib im a savage bitch im pulling up/
... and 43 more lines
by RickNoze
1 day ago 
A+4 props Recorded
Sweet, yeah
Never sweet, sweet (sweet)
Never sweet, sweet
... and 22 more lines
by gucvi_dinner
1 day ago 
Nobody Cares ft. ThatNikoli
B4 props Recorded
Going political today, let me start by saying
fuck the DUP, fuck Sinn Fein and the IRA too
tearing this country apart, the only ones to blame are you
... and 23 more lines
by SwimmingSlug
6 days ago 
B-4 props 
I am the best
fuck the rest
I'm so damn great
I see you hate
... and 64 more lines
by KMO
4 days ago 
The Prayer
A-4 props Recorded
everywhere i go i see those shadows
only lord knows bout em halloweds
the sacreds not falloweds
who are chasin ranibows in heaven but u know
... and 47 more lines
by G-Star
5 days ago 
Ooouuu Freestyle
B4 props 
Ya they hate cuz my flow dope
And when they get shot call that no doze
Yeah I'm sexy and I'm so cold
That loud higher than the ozone
... and 22 more lines
by AzarusThaGod
1 day ago 

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