KiD x Rex - Day Dreamer
B57 props Recorded
You're just a daydreamer
Wash your fears away, when you, sleep deeper, my, my day dreamer
Your future seems so bright when you look right past your eyes
Forget the blessings in disguise, forget about those hard goodbyes
... and 36 more lines
by love-sadKiD
5 days ago 
41 props Recorded
I took 17 losses, held them 17 Ls,
now im offing like the rocket
see your cards being dealt
Imma play this like monopoly
... and 51 more lines
by DeannaBurnett
2 days ago 
Ion Rate Dem
36 props Recorded
my brudda
my brudda keep one in the chamber
try summn i will fuck up a paigon
i know i know they dont rate me
... and 66 more lines
by TyphonDaSasquatch
2 days ago 
Gucci ft. MYLZ (Prod Max Liberty, J.P Rose
B-31 props Recorded
Mixed and Mastered by @J-P-Rose
I got this shorty and she fine
She a dime in her prime
... and 30 more lines
by MaxLiberty
1 day ago 
Week 26 - Party And Bullshit Instrumental
D+28 props 
Off the top of the head freestyle to Party and Bullshit Instrumental
by Geddis
6 days ago 
FiveSeven - Goin Dumb
27 props Recorded
haha wake the fuck up
Woo you don't even know
yeah don't even
... and 67 more lines
by FiveSeven
6 days ago 
Drug Dealer REMIX
25 props Recorded
Remix of Macklemore's "Drug Dealer"
No copyright intended.
Remo - Artwork
... and 4 more lines
by Kagey
4 days ago 
The Depths
22 props Recorded
No rules
Your bars vs mine
(Battle bars optional)
by GetLegitSon
4 days ago 
WYTTS (prod. TAC 4)
A-20 props Recorded
Why you even wanna go play
Why you even wanna go try
Why you even wanna run away
... and 45 more lines
2 days ago 
Untitled 09
A-17 props Recorded
Poetic justice, poetic justice
If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?
I mean I write poems in these songs dedicated to you when
You're in the mood for empathy, there's blood in my pen
... and 35 more lines
by BrothaSamurai
6 days ago 
Poseidon / Options
A-15 props Recorded
Poseidon, poises options, but none appealing,
feeling as if deciding, is pointless, like the toy is squealing,
feeling bland, it's a lifeless, joyless voyage, boy it's,
... and 30 more lines
by NCtheMC
1 day ago 
GODLIKE (completed)
13 props Recorded
Yo man I'm wide awake
I'm fully energize man
I just got me some coffee bruh. I think I added to much sugar though it was a little eh
... and 75 more lines
by Quis
2 days ago 
5th Story (prod by Syndrome)
12 props Recorded
Cutting the throat of those who tried to save you
Knife soaked in the blood of those who made you
For better or for worse, you’ve quenched your thirst, dug a few graves too
They got poked, stifled, & choked, the ones who raised you, they’re engraved in you
... and 16 more lines
by GrandC
6 days ago 
B11 props Recorded
World full of greedy little niggas.. leprechauns
Transformer ass niggas. Decepticons
Fappers.. pretend trapper ..fake rappers.....Who im flexin on
Hella dapper.. not ya average rapper.. Joe rogan they fear me cuz im factor..
... and 25 more lines
by Jay_Ar3
2 days ago 
FiveSeven - MoonGod
B11 props Recorded
Everything in this song is 100% true
[Verse 1]
I lost my mind back in ninety nine
the day I was born
... and 86 more lines
by FiveSeven
4 days ago 
21 Passive
A+10 props 
I'm 21 Savage's latest competition
21 Passive is the new definition
My lyrics are spit with precision
... and 52 more lines
by 21passive
3 days ago 
Pushing Through
10 props Recorded
This goes out to those who weren't supposed to find my raps,
I was thinking about quitting rap because of the mishap,
But I just need to kickback I just need to look at it Practicality ,
Like don't you see?, Don't you see all the views that you gave me,
... and 42 more lines
by Larson_Oats
6 days ago 
Storytelling Vol. 2 (The Rat)
A+10 props 
I can feel her sadness, she's feeling helpless
Seething tantrums searching for meaning answers
Like why we're breeding basterds, semen heaped in blackness
If Breathing in this air is, toxic be prepared kid
... and 12 more lines
by JasonDoorstam
6 days ago 
A-10 props Recorded
Run, I got you dead on your knees
reap what you sow dont be fuckin with me
treats when you neck yourself under a tree
kneel in front of your people you see
... and 49 more lines
by KR0ME
7 days ago 
A-9 props Recorded
Real nigga shit/
This is nigga shit/
Busted old chucks/
... and 118 more lines
by KGtheKidd
5 days ago 
Forgotten City
B9 props Recorded
Never disrespect the ones that kept you safe
But you got the nerve to spit poison in their face
Like when you disrespect my mom but said we were mates
Keep insulting from afar, You too scared to do it face to face
... and 39 more lines
by Mick40
7 days ago 
Harley Quin (Yung Quin & Martill Diss)
8 props Recorded
Saint James an I done bodied both these lames/
They Must be fuckin zombies, Cuz there rising from the grave/
Like they from the walkin dead, but I'm sawing off they legs/
Chopping off they head, Cuz they must of lost they brains/
... and 33 more lines
by Saint_James
about 14 hours ago 
myspace Prod. Yeahz
8 props Recorded
Flow bout old as myspace
Go get outta my space
So up now Im zonin out
Dont fuck with my space
... and 56 more lines
by 6oyard
2 days ago 
Memories - SeaDub (Feat. ReShawn) (Prod. YungCisco)
B+8 props Recorded
//SeaDub Verse
Kill the memories, kill em all
Aint too far, to my downfall
Remember when we went places
... and 39 more lines
by SeaDub
4 days ago 
B-8 props
[HOOK] [Slowly singing this part]
Who's in the shadows
Who's ready to play
Are we the Hunter's
... and 53 more lines
7 days ago 
Some Diss Track
8 props Recorded
I might not get a thousand plays on every track
Though I'm not the type to stunt bout that
You refresh a hundred tabs
... and 35 more lines
by Soby
7 days ago 
B+8 props
Man made Maths but Maths made man [mad]
studying Maths ya I'll be [sad] but readin' my MatheRapics ya ill be [glad]
mean is a average, Meadian is a [middle]...
mode is most's not a [simple riddle]
... and 21 more lines
by MridulGupta
3 days ago 
Kill Bill
A+7 props 
My mood is morbid, my views are viewed as bullshit skewed distorted
Like the news reported, I forfeit before the Lord this morning
And I'm mourning, more things regrets and offspring
I got a warning, for I'm Deep in debt and the costs are soaring
... and 8 more lines
by JasonDoorstam
1 day ago 
Trap Power
7 props Recorded
Lyrics by Martil:
Oh, yeah, MTK, guess who's back.
Guess who got the power.
... and 88 more lines
by Martil
4 days ago 
Lyrical Doom Day
A+7 props 
This is the Lyrical Doom Day
ya'll soon say: "ain't nobody match the poet in how he flow it"
greatness comes to those who pay their dues, who pray their views
I've done so in the world of hoes who can't trace their roots
... and 13 more lines
by JPoet
5 days ago 
Feeling Subside
7 props Recorded
Just Chilling in my Pajamas,
Thinking about vacating to the Bahamas,
My stature be getting big like a colossus I just need to slow it down,
Sit back and play Nintendo I'm no psycho although i'm not all there-
... and 52 more lines
by Larson_Oats
5 days ago 
Crown Me
A+7 props Recorded
Let's get it
When it comes to rappin hoes, my microphone will slaughter em
[All you bitches lacking flows just like a broken water main](There's no water flow in a broken water main Just like that everyone is lac...
... and 29 more lines
by CryGene
6 days ago 

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