Deep Shadows ft. 90BRO (Prod. Naughty40)
49 props Recorded
We idolise the undesirable force-fed to normality,
censor free-thinking from overly taught morality.
We were told that the fame brought immortality,
but fact is unachievable goals mean more mortality.
... and 12 more lines
by Sutherland
7 days ago 
Oh My Gawd FT. Hyde & Breana Marin
B41 props Recorded
[INTRO]( Woman Preaching )
[VERSE 1]( Explicit )
I met this chick this 1 day - My friends took me out for fun they
Fired up the shots no gunplay - Tired but I had to convey
... and 39 more lines
by TheRealExplicit
6 days ago 
HomeTownHustle - Noya
B+21 props Recorded
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Pompano beach fl = Noya
... and 58 more lines
by JoeSpo
7 days ago 
Put Me Down (Prod. Horus)
B-21 props Recorded
[Verse 1]
You been, hoping on my downfall
I don't ever wanna be around y'all
Snakes in the grass, I'ma fade to the back
... and 42 more lines
4 days ago 
honeymoon (prod. Jarne Baugnée)
18 props Recorded
ill be the bubble wrap
to your flower soul
let me stick around
let me hold you close
... and 20 more lines
by Lanie
6 days ago 
White Noise
16 props Recorded
I need to get away, I need to get away
Over mountains of doubt, and a valley of dreams,
There is a river of thoughts, and they very obscene,
And this fairytale stream, carrys various things,
... and 36 more lines
by Kopain
7 days ago 
Power (snippet)
A-16 props Recorded
verse 1
get ready for apocalypse
got problems that we gotta fix
before we drop the ball and kill each other over politics
... and 11 more lines
by Shaft
7 days ago 
Like That (Prod By MKSB & Neeko Hash)
B+15 props Recorded
(Course x8)
You Don't Really Know Me Like That, Nah.
(Verse 1)
People Out Here They Be Hating On Me,
... and 32 more lines
by Cristown
6 days ago 
Telephone Calls (Cover)
14 props Recorded
fack met typhon fack met shinna
fack met Yani en die shit word tantoe chaos
rappers moeten kappen, laat ze zakken
ik hou die bitches bij hun facking haarbos
... and 71 more lines
by Isak
3 days ago 
Welcome to Reality (feat. KNB)
B12 props
(Verse 1) KND
I'm afraid of losing things, my mind included
I look at all these other artists, thinking music might be ruined
Like what are y'all even doin' it doesn't even make sense
... and 32 more lines
by KND
5 days ago 
Hail Mary Ft. Lexi
12 props Recorded
hail mary
lighting these verbs like herbs
i dont care who jane married
Never does like light fail
... and 10 more lines
by cisco
about 23 hours ago 
Toward Browser
B-11 props 
//Verse 1\\ (WMX)
Im calling you out shuda watched your mouth,
Your plan went south now you whisper like a mouse,
Your in the slaughterhouse to late to bounce,
... and 38 more lines
by WMX
5 days ago 
Week 32 - Can't C Me Instrumental
10 props 
Off the top of the head freestyle to Can't C Me by 2Pac
by Geddis
2 days ago 
Don't Follow the Light
10 props Recorded
When he was a young man
He had liberty but he did not see it
He had time but he did not know it
... and 127 more lines
by TheInfiniteVanguard
7 days ago 
A-10 props 
//Verse 1\\
You was my brother from another mother,
You was a litte younger but still became another number,
We was two little fuckers raised from the gutters,
... and 38 more lines
by WMX
7 days ago 
Slaks - 32 Bars
B9 props Recorded
Yeah I stay attached to this money
Man all these numbers too beautiful
She think she love me it's lovely
Cause she stay down till the funeral
... and 28 more lines
by Slaks
6 days ago 
Cath Deiridh
B+9 props 
//Verse 1\\ (WMX)
Keep on steppin holdin my weapon Irish War veteran,
call the surgeon this urban legend closed the curtain ona burden,
Im certain no person can worsen browsers workins,
... and 45 more lines
by WMX
4 days ago 
Coal Veins preview
B8 props 
i know the coal in my veins will glow with fire
with fire
glowing brighter, than the stars a human lighter
... and 22 more lines
by Grimz
7 days ago 
Back at Browser
B+8 props
I don't know why the fuck you keep doing this I thought W.M.W already threw you into the abyss
I think I should seek justice for 2 chainz you stole entire sentences
Tell me who's as rad as us and the answer was
no one can match us bitch you are worthless bitch you are jealous
... and 14 more lines
by LilMezzy
4 days ago 
better go
A-8 props
you´r in luck we got a truck going to get a white van now to pick you up
going to get in the back to give me a slight suck
bouncing all over the streets over it up with some hip hop music beats , playing it real loud to not hear that we are banging
but to them we are just hanging , they will never get us , so you better trust or you will be gone just like the fin air like dust
... and 9 more lines
by rapthemoffson
1 day ago 
20 Lines
B+8 props 
Im comin for you not much runnin can do when i start gunnin at you,
Tear through your tissue your family wont miss you chew on my steel toe shoe,
Nothin new so i continue to blast through my rearview my crew stays true,
You walked into a big issue you spew shit so now you stuck like glue,
... and 16 more lines
by WMX
3 days ago 
Goodbye Rappad
A-8 props
I wanted to leave Rap but I couldn't
I promised everybody that I wouldn't
but honestly, I'm no longer into this shit
my intuition deceives indecision
... and 10 more lines
by MalevThaMC
6 days ago 
make america great again
B8 props
make america great again from all these people dying
and from all the government and political lying
we are in major debt from all these things we need or don't need which is buying then need up at the end always freaking sighing
the world is coming to an send one day and the people of sin will wish they had went to god and payed
... and 9 more lines
by rapthemoffson
7 days ago 
Quick one
B-7 props
this is an easy one on one win
you beating me is just a deadly sin
but i know how you crack you and make you bend
you profile pic is so dumb is that you wearing a lame superman costume
... and 15 more lines
by rapthemoffson
2 days ago 
A7 props
WMX: Will i survive people don't realize the cries of guys whoes fathers are in the skies,
Before my demise i wanna be wise and recognize truth from others lies,
I apologize for when the bullet flies when i started to make a rise,
Otherwise my ties to surprise cut down to size and just frowns and dies,
... and 17 more lines
by rapthemoffson
7 days ago 
version of trump
B+7 props
i am the president of the untied states with many horrible and good traits , welcome to freaking hell's gates
a lot of people giving me the hates , but i do not care , i am as strong and freshly wild as a bear , now lets get to the wall
mexico will pay for it all , you can't knock it down with a wrecking ball, just back off trump land because i am true fake sun tan man
take that China, but i say it like this my vagina , i do not care that my wife is an gold digger step up to me you dirty little nigga
... and 8 more lines
by rapthemoffson
4 days ago 
B+7 props Recorded
Hook: X2
I'm about to take over
i'm about to 'come a soldier
i'ma battle 'til it's over
... and 50 more lines
by RatFace
1 day ago 
oh my!
B7 props
many legends are born , but know a days kids are just watching and talking about porn
or making mistakes which will leave them to be torn , having creepy thoughts in the mind that maybe
they wish they were blind , because they are like any other kind
watching trump saying good and bad stuff , that is a big huff that will make us just spend more and puff
... and 6 more lines
by rapthemoffson
1 day ago 
take over collab
A-7 props
rapthemoffson: hippity hoppity my favorite game is monopoly better stay off my claimed property or you will lose all your cash
which will cause you to get mad and lash causing a deep red deadly rash , i will get everything you have on this game
the only person to blame is the guy which is you who can´t play the game
or how bad you feel making you self feel really quite ill need to sit down and take a chill pill
... and 8 more lines
by rapthemoffson
6 days ago 
the good stuff
B7 props
rapthemoffson: when i need help sometimes i pray reading the bible i should everyday , if i do that i am not gay ,it is not good to do...
or to hack , i got an evil soul and they rid the election poll dealing with internet trolls, this is when i turn to the one above me
making me into who i can be, going to die then go to heavens golden gate god open it up with the sliver key
i like to think i am bad and then good turning away into my own brand new number one golden hood , i am a bit racist against people who d...
... and 11 more lines
by rapthemoffson
6 days ago 
Tell me why ? (Verse 1)
A-6 props 
//Verse 1\\
Am i losin or am i winnin each day i keep sinnin,
The shootin got me swingin and wishin people would stop bitchin,
Im slippin and can hear my blood drippin i keep on trippin,
... and 21 more lines
by WMX
6 days ago 
wrestling rap
B6 props
verse 1: walking into the gym everyday to train, maybe to be as good as the future hall of fame´r Kane , that is something to gain
body slam you on mat, bang , going for the count trying to be next in line for a title shot which is really a lot
a couple of divas may find me as to be hot , going out there putting on sling blades , on raw but there could be a couple of trades
coming out to show my voice, shout!!!!!!!!!! , i want to show the wrestling fans who i am , not an normal man
... and 8 more lines
by rapthemoffson
about 24 hours ago 

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