A-46 props
Gotta overcome these paused problems that I keep ducking
Conceal the steel(this teal) power 'fore the post mortem means nothing
So you're rough(your ruff) on the outside cause you're made of money
But I'm reeving a pen through your tough hide to trade in that buckskin honey
... and 14 more lines
by Lioncub
6 days ago 
B+42 props 
Falling down but got up
Falling down but got up
Falling down but got up
Sometimes you feel your body try
... and 127 more lines
by Musically
6 days ago 
Pull Up
B40 props 
Hook (Faro)
I pull up in the dark, in the night
I got nothing on me
Got the birds in the trap and they singing
... and 26 more lines
by Akillo
6 days ago 
B37 props 
I feel like a outlander drop-in people just like ISIS there is no way to fight this
we are dealing with a crisis we need to hit on the the bay
they thought I was the nicest but I'm spealling pig like bacon
then trump is playing the immigration like ICE ICE BABY
... and 12 more lines
by _A_H_B
5 days ago 
Louis to my Grandma
36 props Recorded
I threw some Louis to my grandma
13 I lost my manners
Hit stains up with that hammer
Told me smile for the camera
... and 53 more lines
by Kro
6 days ago 
FULL CIRCLE - (Big Sean Remix)
B28 props Recorded
... and 51 more lines
by ClydeCyrus
7 days ago 
XXX and lil peep (never forget ya)
B-26 props
If Young Metro don't trust you I'm gon' shoot you
ya its bigger than secrets
yeh im done with your tricks
XXX got shot who gon get caught
... and 18 more lines
by A21
5 days ago 
Lonely & Lost
B+26 props 
Mhagaygirl_Verse 1
All by myself feeling’ lonely as hell
Like I fell in a well, no one hears me yell
... and 20 more lines
4 days ago 
Mind Over Matter
A23 props 
I feel like I can do anything
I feel like I can fly
but my brain won't listen
I let my dreams pass me by
... and 46 more lines
by TB
7 days ago 
Not Alone!
C+21 props Recorded
Hoped yall like this one I really had A hard time on it. First I kept getting
tongue twisted and then the flow didnt match so it took like 30 different takes
and now I think i fucked all the cracks out my voice. Please show some
support it would mean a whole lot to me.
... and 1 more line
by KeeWee
5 days ago 
Growing Pains (of A New Age)
A-21 props Recorded
[Killer Mike Speaking to Atlanta During the 2020 Riots]
"We don't wanna see Targets burning. We want to see the system
that sets up for systemic racism burnt to the ground."
I don't have love for the police
... and 53 more lines
by Pagliacci
3 days ago 
Ballin (Remix)
C+18 props 
I put on the new chains for all my g's
they said i looked good with a lil white boy underneath
I grew up decently, was never out up on the streets
... and 56 more lines
by user600332681
5 days ago 
B17 props Recorded
Raw thoughts
They Jaws drop
The time is now
... and 33 more lines
by YungCrusha
5 days ago 
Good-Rapper Interview
B17 props
Me: Ight the biggest hustler on RapPad
GoodRapper: thats me, not a single day is wasted when you always paper chasing
Me: Facts. So where you from?
... and 19 more lines
by RapPadMagazine
5 days ago 
B16 props 
Why would I hang with a fake one?
When I chill with you; same income,
deep inside, man, I had enough,
... and 59 more lines
by 3lektro_Magnetik
2 days ago 
GUNRAVE freestyle by torboa 14 year old)!!!
B+16 props Recorded
got a bitch with an AK shooting fools these ain´t tools
they be jewels fuck the rules i´m Bulletproof (aye aye GO)
pull out a nine looking so fine hella design
Glock in the pocket stock in the market
... and 21 more lines
by Torboa
6 days ago 
B+16 props 
Yeah this ain’t a song about money this is about a dream may seem a little
funny but it’s Not what it seems we all chasing that paper cause that’s how
it be they tell us thank us later but its all on me we all struggle with that 9 to
5 learn the tactics to survive know what to do in the promise land when we
... and 30 more lines
by TB
1 day ago 
Forever Is Too Long (Redux)
15 props Recorded
Why'd you have to go, so young?
Still so much to be done
Didn't make it to 24
Still so much unexplored
... and 49 more lines
by jofshmo
6 days ago 
B15 props 
Been up since 2 in the Morning
Reading the Same News Stories
Guts And No Glory
I'll Make a Statement
... and 69 more lines
2 days ago 
B15 props
Every time like a ball(ball) hitting yo face, people rushing like Usain bolt
better revolt(revolt) the pressure always broke(brok) all these pussies wanna break my lines(lines)
but told them I i will dodge(daj) downhill cause I'mma cross uphill
they on drugs swallowed pills their mindsets are wet(wet) heat full of sweat(swet)
... and 26 more lines
by YoungJosh
5 days ago 
Handmade ft kid n play
B14 props Recorded
Intro :( Kid n play house party dance scene)
why she start shaking when the cash came
tell me why these bad hoes want my last name
... and 24 more lines
by J_Mack
5 days ago 
Freestyle 2020
14 props Recorded
I wanna be hugged,
I wanna be loved,
I wanna be great from all d above,
... and 104 more lines
by _KDrecords_
6 days ago 
5th grade thoughts
B-14 props
Lol back to back blunts
Braiden back what's up!
On the line on the track not speaking drugs
That shit is wack
... and 10 more lines
by BraidenBlunt
3 days ago 
B-13 props
Every time my raps going to a girl name Shayli
this ain't in alphabetical order
cause no horror will be in a period though hate thee
but this one is different she shows the flow
... and 45 more lines
by YoungJosh
4 days ago 
Pockets U.U.P.
A+13 props 
Bitch I got the players all my saviors, better do some praying
call me kimetsu got a demon ready for my slaying
making up some issues don't waste time why you shaking
... and 29 more lines
by -jaznap-
4 days ago 
12 props
I won't be lonely ever again
Made a million with the pen
And everybody's having sex
Im feeling so lonely only myself
... and 12 more lines
by DreamWorld
7 days ago 
C+11 props
I'm suffocating deep down
I can barely breathe
I'm getting weaker by the day
Even my screams sound like bleats
... and 64 more lines
by BahdDanny
4 days ago 
A-11 props 
my mansion's diamond in mayfair, cosigning with reigned hairs of slain mare,
I'm a dream-weaver, your night's mare n' the ringleader
check it, mare with a method! I stay lifted like Derp Legend! Ha-Ha! They
I was at the XXL just trying to excel
... and 46 more lines
by N-M
4 days ago 
me and my guitar
B+10 props 
yea i have a heart
and its hurting in the dark
... and 24 more lines
by soulfull
about 24 hours ago 
KillaKeiren666 - I Cant Believe (Remix)
10 props
I can't believe
that she had to leave
but hell is beneath
... and 22 more lines
by REN666
5 days ago 
DOOMTIME (prod by LethalNeedle)
B10 props Recorded
i am-
back in the motherfuckin
lab again
young man mad wit pad n pen
... and 51 more lines
by kid_destiny
6 days ago 
5 Feat. Sauce The KId
B10 props Recorded
Don't wait for me Aww yea You gonna see aww yea
You know me Aww yea I'm gonna be greater than you ever will be
When seeing me ill be rapping on a beat Yea yea yea
... and 34 more lines
by LilCJ
7 days ago 

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