Nimbus(Prod. spectrxm)
A-62 props Recorded
Shooting by stars I make wishes, Riding away on my nimbus
Stuck in my dreams and I pray for escape
So for now I just deal with the mischief
So many thoughts through my head
... and 39 more lines
by -KiD
2 days ago 
Spaz (Prod. ArionBeats)
B+47 props Recorded
Clap it up and I set the scene
Get loud fast, prepare to scream
Get ya body movin from head to toe
When we finally groovin, I'll let ya know
... and 72 more lines
by Roane
3 days ago 
Blessin' Me (Prod. Pay Dough)
B+44 props Recorded
I've been thinking a lot lately, like how I'm greatly effected
Doing this until it's perfected.
What the heck did I do?
... and 10 more lines
by PayDough
1 day ago 
Worlds Dopest Emcee's FT. Dahm & Clyde Cabbage
A-39 props Recorded
I am the dopest emcee in the world
You're never conquering me
I don't need guns or a knife not at all, I'll murder you lyrically
... and 53 more lines
by TheRealExplicit
4 days ago 
Social Eyes
34 props Recorded
i found out that friends aint friends in the hard times
found out the fam aint fam in the hard times
blood just blood i aint know them
my bros aint blood but they are like
... and 55 more lines
by Typhon
3 days ago 
Another 16 (prod. Hi Jop)
33 props Recorded
I know it's been a minute but I've been in the shadows
Tryna find a lighter sight so I can make it through these battles
Feeling shackled and I'm restricted by the chains
I'm not convicted but my life is still depicted by the state
... and 12 more lines
by Jannemm
7 days ago 
So Far (Ft Player)
B+31 props Recorded
//Hook x2 - Saint James
Yo can't believe I made it so far,
All the days that I spent working I was slaving so hard.
I been stabbed in the back, but I savoir those scars.
... and 57 more lines
6 days ago 
Frequencies (prod. Jinsang)
B31 props Recorded
Caught on a tight rope tryna make my way out this spot
Caught between a ledge end and a never ending drop
This the knot, in my noose to take me into dreams
... and 27 more lines
3 days ago 
Something Special
31 props Recorded
Something Special
[Prod. Razor Boomarang]
verse 1
-baby tell me how you feel
... and 32 more lines
by RazorBoomarang
7 days ago 
Souly.Had - Dance
27 props Recorded
i jus turned 20 soooo
by the time I'm 24 I'll be rich
she said I look like romeoooo
... and 83 more lines
by Mac
5 days ago 
Boss Up (ft. EX!T)
B+25 props Recorded
Is it worth the money
Is it worth the pain
Staying up late
Wake up way before 8
... and 46 more lines
by Soby
1 day ago 
Late Have I Loved You
B-19 props Recorded
/ inspired by a poem from St. Augustine
Late have I loved [you],
Beauty so old, and so [new]:
... and 54 more lines
by CallPaul
5 days ago 
take it all in
A-16 props Recorded
foot long joint, case full of gin,
every-night we black out just to take it all in.
everyday we wake up just to do it all again
every-night we black out just to take it all in (+2)
... and 41 more lines
by whize
1 day ago 
Fell In Ft. Big Vince
B+16 props Recorded
Yung Mas & S7 RECORDS Presents
'Fell In Ft. Big Vince' Off Yung Mas's Debt Album.
Hook (Yung Mas) x2
... and 51 more lines
by OfficialYungMas
6 days ago 
14 props Recorded
“Just Vibe Out To It…”
... and 4 more lines
by R70
about 20 hours ago 
Week 22 - Mic Checka Instrumental
D+14 props 
New off the top of the head freestyle to Mic Checka by Das EFX
by Geddis
4 days ago 
B14 props Recorded
King of Heartz Feat. ARDY Prod. by Tim Wong
Chorus: X2
Baby you got me addicted
Baby you got me addicted
... and 66 more lines
5 days ago 
My valentine(TYFE)
B-13 props Recorded
Damn, It's been crazy
I don't know how many years it's been
Since we first met so for all the memories
I want to take this opportunity to speak
... and 79 more lines
by Niko25
4 days ago 
13 props Recorded
Its complicated, Complicated.
Its complicated, Complicated.
Just know
That i gotta go
... and 37 more lines
by DeannaBurnett
7 days ago 
You Mean?
C+11 props 
The fuck you mean
Come behind my back sneak dissin
Fuck you mean...
My life it ain't clean.
... and 54 more lines
by Calvin_The_Rapper
3 days ago 
32 bars
A11 props
my heart was in right place my head just made the wrong moves/
Was this all caused by bong abuse and fucking strong substitutes because If so I'll stop the long misuse/
Charlie sheen and drugging Armstrong approve while he's shoving cars wrong and yelling abuse at dwelling prostitutes/
They say he can't go a verse without talking about V-A-L-I-U- hahahaha nah but yea but nah FUCK-ME-HEY-WELL-I-TRIED-DUDE/
... and 28 more lines
by Emphaziz
7 days ago 
A-11 props
Verse - 1
I dont want this too get spun wrong but lately ive come across as a train wreck, but they remain impressed when my brains carrased/
It also explains why carter 5 hasnt dropped i got wayne depressed, while theres these claims that birdman has sprayed techs too pay chequ...
from all that blow hes snorting, hes literally taking grave steps towards a delayed death/
... and 69 more lines
by Emphaziz
7 days ago 
The Lunatic
B+10 props 
[Intro:]Tenacious is The Black Eminem
Better Get It Bitch
I will wreck rappers
[Hook:]I'm The Lunatic Bitch
... and 127 more lines
by Tenacious
7 days ago 
Kyles Kasket BYOB
B10 props Recorded
This battle was a test of perseverance, mind over matter
if Kyle was slightly more spherical, would i mind oval madder?
time for you to use your fucking brain madder,
you going to spit some fast shit without real punches
... and 52 more lines
by OffTrack
3 days ago 
"Back 2 Da Lab"-Big Flac,Hooly,Jaded & Splendid
10 props Recorded
by MutinyEnt
2 days ago 
Might be
10 props Recorded
lyrics on my phone, just listen to track
by JacksonAce
5 days ago 
FiveSeven - All Night
B-10 props Recorded
Ill be with you up all night
dancing dreaming in the light
Ill be with you up all night
... and 60 more lines
by FiveSeven
4 days ago 
What You Need
B-9 props Recorded
Why I'm writing songs?
Shit with all the hate feel like I'm writing wrongs
Or my writings wrong, spitting out lies as I recite these psalms
Why I keep doing it all?
... and 44 more lines
by CKmusic
3 days ago 
You Can Do It
B9 props 
[Intro:]This is for all the homies who looked down on them selves
Kick up the dust, and start grinding
You can do what ever you want, hard work equals achievement
You can do it...
... and 97 more lines
by ManiacMurky
3 days ago 
B9 props 
Fuckin all american terrorist
Evil like i need an exorcist
Gettin high as fuckin Mount Everest
Fuckin Dave to a Goliath no Letterman
... and 29 more lines
by ShoreJRZ
1 day ago 
Pretty Bitche$(Prod.Syndrome)
9 props Recorded
Pretty Bitche$
Check it
by Brodey
6 days ago 
We Got The Trap Boomin On Christmas
9 props 
Putting that game on the hit list
And we ain't leaving no witness
Hold up let me be specific
... and 63 more lines
by MixedFeelings
5 days ago 

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