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Lil Wayne

  1. You a prankster. Im the master. The master of ceremonies that is.
  2. An actor died of natural causes. Who else died. Avicci, he committed
  3. mothafreaking suicide. Im too old for your raps, im too old for your rap.
  4. Your someone i want to stab. Crap. Stubbed my toe. Though i am a rapper
  5. im a young rapper. Im lil 10000. I weiegh 108 pounds and. I dont like your
  6. attitude. Your more disgusting then seeing someone nude. Ayy i dont like you
  7. i am just a prankster. I am a gangster. Ayy. You guys better pay. I am not hearing
  8. every single song you motherfreaking play. Trying to kiss me you gay?
  9. I make a lot of money fo sho i am working fo you I disappear you dont
  10. have a clue. I go up to somebody say screw you. Just imagine Eminem
  11. giving you medicine. Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, You saying you dont have cocaine?
  12. Lil wayne What you dont feel the pain? Be careful dangerous chemicals
  13. i may contain.




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