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Used To

  1. 13
  2. I had to hold it down I had obligations
  3. Driving with no registration
  4. I'm in my city don't need no directions
  5. And I gotta watch my surroundings they might have bad intentions
  6. I might take a bad bitch then her to cookie that's lucious
  7. Everywhere we go I roll some ground have the air polluted
  8. I feel in love with that lil shooter
  9. And Gon hustle till my poccets respucia
  10. She ain't fit in then I'ma have to boot her
  11. Secure the bag and get some movers
  12. Niggas might think I'm cold jus don't let em run through ya
  13. I can't do the things I used to
  14. I know you not used to what I'm used to
  15. Big blunts I had to baccstroke to duccets
  16. Moving closer to my future
  17. And she with me she watch her figure
  18. Henny with no mixture
  19. Hitter with no hitter
  20. Hit or miss and I won't miss you
  21. I don't think you got me like I got you
  22. Cuz I'd never diss you.
  23. I had to hold it down I had obligations
  24. Driving with no registration
  25. I'm in the city don't need no directions
  26. And gotta watch my surroundings they might have bad intentions
  27. He say he want smoke but sent a message
  28. It ain't no location then it's like he never sent it
  29. He ain't no gangsta as much as he might come off
  30. If he hit you up with smoke he get no response
  31. We don't talk on phones meet me at your spot
  32. Kicc in yo door that's how I was taught
  33. And we seen niggas let down they loc so we picced up the slacc
  34. So if I go to prison blame gangsta rap
  35. Now I leave the house have that thing attached
  36. Murder one murder cross my mind
  37. If the niggas cross my path I might lose my mind
  38. Left that bitch alone claim she doing fine
  39. Bags going fast that's a moving line
  40. Swear to God aint scared of doing time
  41. Shots fired he ain't come outside
  42. What's the price of living this life.
  43. I can't do the things that I used to
  44. Big blunts what I'm used to
  45. Hood conditions what I'm used to
  46. Unscrew them loose screws.




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