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  1. This is it all
  2. Fear been pouring from the sky
  3. Let me lift y’all
  4. God give us strength
  5. So we stand tall
  6. In face of adversity
  7. Fear and uncertainty
  8. Circulating endlessly
  9. Talking with some sense in me
  10. Blame it on the CDC
  11. Prayin that humanity
  12. Embraces love eternally
  14. Perhaps just what we need
  15. Something to make us whole
  16. The language of the world
  17. Uplifting young and old
  18. I guess that's why they say
  19. That music heals the soul
  20. The nourishment within
  21. For centuries so told
  22. Bob Marley, Billy Joel
  23. and all those in between
  24. Don’t call me Martin Luther
  25. We all just have a dream
  26. Don’t call me Piano Man
  27. Don’t call me Rasta far
  28. This is our new salvation
  29. A new redemption song
  31. One thing I’ve always known
  32. It stands so very true
  33. No matter what we say
  34. No matter what we do
  35. The people find a way
  36. To persevere in life
  37. There is no doubt, for sure
  38. We’ll overcome this strife
  40. Corona got me thinking
  41. a certain type of way
  42. Expression of my mind
  43. Verbose, perhaps they’ll say
  44. It gave me an idea
  45. To write out this for yall
  46. To help us through the pain
  47. A suffering absolved
  48. So I made a remedy
  49. Some would call it poetry
  50. Definitely
  51. Certainly
  52. Now I know you feelin me
  53. Call me the new MC
  54. Jigga man be Jay Z
  55. Carson Daly, MTV
  56. But I got no mic near me
  57. But it ain't no problem, D
  58. Now we got uncertainty
  59. Didn’t scare those slaves, B
  60. A woman known as Minty
  61. Harriet she broke free
  62. Inspired me, truthfully
  63. Leading through uncertainty
  64. Feelin like a rough sea
  65. God gave me a stiff breeze
  66. Navigate so easily
  67. Ferdinand Magellan, he
  68. Sailed around, was worldly
  69. Didn’t need a compass, see
  70. Now I’m writing hist ry
  71. Referencing the likes of thee
  72. Franklin gave us Liberty
  73. Pennsylvania, always be
  74. Land of opportunity
  75. Keystone state, it raised me
  76. Blessed me with a family
  77. Not to mention, homies
  79. We need love more than ever
  80. To lift those all around
  81. My hope is that you find
  82. Some joy just through this sound
  83. We send these prayers to heaven
  84. Please send some blessings down
  85. We promise to receive them
  86. And pass them all around




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