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will you marry me

  1. the day i met you was a day i couldn't leave
  2. deep in your heart there was alot of grieve
  3. i thought you were going to hurt me
  4. but you were the only person who have set me free
  5. there are times that we always disagree
  6. sometimes i feel like im a failure
  7. your the true hero your my savior
  8. when life passes me by and im feeling alone
  9. i just think of you thats the reason our love has grown
  10. we need eachother because you complete me and i complete you
  11. i need to see how far this relationship will continue
  12. you have brought me hope
  13. thats why i need you to cope
  14. the love you gave me is far bigger then you can think
  15. life passes by faster then a speeding bullet so dont blink
  16. when i look into your eyes i saw pain
  17. but you told me when i came along i kept you sane
  18. there are times you get taken advantage of
  19. but your the true meaning of love
  20. the reason i said yes is because you have set me free
  21. from all this misery
  22. so haley novy wilson im asking you to be mine for eternity




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