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  3. Everyday i wake up hey! i check the mirror,
  4. all i see is a motherfucking cold killer, stray
  5. ready to rap and deliver. Fuck it ima cap
  6. don't know if i am gonna be a rapper or a spitter today
  7. but ready to spit quicker then you anyday
  8. because it doesn't matter everythign you do.
  10. sucks, all your doing is fucking these old sluts
  12. like your mum can't even make me cum. like
  13. your wife try to split her own wrists alone at night with her own knife
  14. doesn't matter because she can't even take her own life despite her slow mind.
  19. Oh never mind me because i am just gonna leave that behind me try
  20. find me you can't your like a plant leaf! trynna get that glucose
  21. so you can prefine me but you can't
  22. you can't even define me try and find me
  23. i am a god
  24. the only thing you do is behave like a dog
  25. like a bitch giving a head and a nod
  26. i am a god your too slow, your dead and your odd
  27. i am a god your gonna swallow and spread like your told too
  28. cause ima take that 02 and choke you like ima smoke you
  29. doesn't matter cause i sold you, like a bmw
  30. me and you were through
  32. see me i am a cold killer don't believe me, why don't you check in my mirror.
  33. getting the money and the flows
  34. doesn't matter cause honey i am getting those hoes,funny
  35. Thinking you can spit big, buddy
  36. well it doesn't matter cause you can even get a grip kid, dummy
  38. is so minimal it's like you've reached your peak
  39. and your going down to your pinnacle,
  40. It would be a miricale if you could even rhyme a syllable
  41. but i guess that would be a crime and i would call you a criminal
  42. Well this is all a mess, so I'll lend ya a dime and you can go buy some lyrics and be unoriginal
  43. i am original i am the best, you can't beat me take a test,
  44. thinking your cool, your not the only thing you can do is sing like a bot
  45. i guess we're back here again cause ima beat you and get you a blood clot
  46. you've lost the plot, ima treat you like a dog
  47. cause as i said before i opened the door ,i am a god
  49. All day everyday, in the squad i can rap. Then your girl with look at me and nod
  50. whislt giving me head and a lot




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