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  1. The pain in my heart wont end
  2. alone
  3. i need a new life to begin
  4. i just wanna die
  5. but the doctors wont let it end
  6. im always fucking pissed
  7. i fucking hate these ugly fake "friends"
  8. noose around my neck
  9. fucking bullet in my head
  10. again
  11. im just wasting tears
  12. ive fucking faced all of my fears
  13. i had found a girl i loved once
  14. she fucking hurt me
  15. broke my heart
  16. made me feel worthless
  17. couldnt keep the love
  18. had to move on
  19. oh god
  20. waiting
  21. for someone
  22. to mend my heart
  23. waiting
  24. for the chance
  25. to have real friends
  26. i dont wanna die
  27. i just fucking want it all
  28. to end
  29. no more
  30. everlastiing love
  31. for me again
  32. cuz nobody wants to stay
  33. all they wanna do is hate
  34. and push me away
  35. someone tell me
  36. when the fuck
  37. it will end
  38. here i am laying in my bed
  39. havent ever slept since
  40. known as the one who wept
  41. life has its up and downs
  42. always making others frown
  43. but brain cancer
  44. at 15
  45. death
  46. at 19
  47. suicidal
  48. depression
  49. what higher power is at the root
  50. of all this oppression
  51. someone tell me if its
  52. ever gonna
  53. end




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