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  1. times element's the evidence, big tool on me on the very steps
  2. Where ol'boy got clapped, an audience isn't needed
  3. to exceed the set limit, the specs are undimentional
  4. the extension owl, prowls daily, hail the city's prince,
  5. broke the 60's jinx, then spoke to the discreet beings
  6. teams of opposition, perform like auditions are taking place
  7. hating Jakes, caking ways thats not the norm
  8. The horn blown, the Young's own, way beyond thrones
  9. the force rose, the cause grows, lo's and air forces
  10. Out of the blue the pen suffice, a gun priest, roaming
  11. Earth for some peace, had one wish, and one bitch
  12. scored Knicks, told the engineer to make sure the songs mixed
  13. shots make the wall rip,
  14. we all break the morning, wandering, if warnings go unheeded
  15. prayed for kindred, could go a mile but'll take an inch instead,
  16. the beam sped, to the green pledge, to be or not to be or be dead




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