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Sucka Free

  1. I keep it real and sucka free
  2. Only run with guerreros verdaderos,
  3. No surprises we ain't frontin'
  4. We don't fuck with them culeros,
  5. No exceptions misconceptions,
  6. Won't deceive, there's no deception,
  7. Only favorable reception as I conceive a new perception,
  8. Catch you slippin' catch you slippin',
  9. Gonna catch like interception!
  10. Got me trippin' got me rippin'
  11. These results will be unpleasant
  12. Revenge is my intention
  13. Plus let me not fail to mention,
  14. Out this world like new dimensions
  15. Beyond belief and comprehension!
  16. It's unquestionably, exceptionally all to my redemption,
  17. No protection, your transgressions
  18. Gonna teach your ass a lesson!
  19. It's all key to my ascension,
  20. It's bout time I've earned a blessin'
  21. That’s my word, that’s my profession,
  22. I won't sleep, there'll be no restin'
  23. Til I've peaked you know I'm destined!
  24. It’s all as if I was predestined!




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