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  1. time is all i ever asked
  2. yea
  3. but lately you aint there for me
  4. yea
  5. i pour one for my niggas dead
  6. okay
  7. i pray for all my niggas free
  8. yea
  9. tried to hurt me with your love i wish you did
  10. ay
  11. i take pride in my enemys
  12. yea
  13. i take sides of this energy ,
  14. yea
  15. you can cry but i wont believe
  16. yea
  17. dont you say it ,
  18. pay no mind ,
  19. dont you say it,
  20. you leaving town ,
  21. dont you say it,
  22. i need some time,
  23. ay
  24. when time is alli ever asked
  26. ever asked
  27. yea
  29. when time is all i ever asked
  31. ever asked
  32. yea
  33. when time is all i ever asked
  34. but lately you aint there for me
  35. and lately this put weight on me
  36. i can run but i will never see
  37. why my dreams got me waking up
  38. i just need a drink a nother blunt
  39. yea
  40. i aint faded i just wanna smudge




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