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Bad Street Rap 02

  1. I'm higher up, yo lower down
  2. I'm in the sky, yo on the ground.
  3. Yo hold a cane, I hold a scepter
  4. Yo are worse, but I am betta.
  5. I am right, while yo are wrong
  6. Yo so weak, boi, I am strong.
  7. I a chinchilla, yo are a rat
  8. I am a skinny fella, yo big and fat.
  9. I'm hot and cool, yo are neither
  10. Yo are a slave, I am a leader!
  11. I am popular, yo are not
  12. I always fresh, yo just rot.
  13. Yo so ugly, its outrageous
  14. Yo stand fo lame, I stand fo greatness!
  15. I can rap, yo wish yo could too
  16. I am the main act, yo a stage buffoon.
  17. In a rap battle, I don't need music notes
  18. I'm sure to get all the votes!!! [mike_drop_sound]




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