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  1. [Hook]
  2. This is the beginning,
  3. Nathan with Raven,
  4. Time has come to awaken,
  5. All you others be fakin',
  6. All you others are fakin', (quit fakin')
  7. quit fakin'
  9. [Verse] (Nathan)
  10. This is the start,
  11. We'll tear you apart,
  12. No I ain't got a heart,
  13. You think you're smart,
  14. this is dark,
  15. I'll catch you on fire with a spark,
  16. Like a dog you've barked,
  17. Up the wrong tree,
  18. you'll pay the fee,
  19. This is the real me,
  20. Before now I was a nobody,
  21. Then i started in the rap game,
  22. I don't want any fame,
  23. I started out tame,
  24. My first stuff was lame,
  25. It's time to proclaim,
  26. The end of the game,
  27. Wanna know why,
  28. Because the rest of the people in the game are high,
  29. Fly away little a butterfly,
  30. It rained? My bars so flame they'll leave ya dry,
  32. [Verse] (Raven)
  33. For these beginnings
  34. I'll spread out my dark wings
  35. And from behind the scenes
  36. I'll be pulling all the strings
  37. Soon I'll be with the kings
  38. Sitting on a throne
  39. Made from the bones
  40. Of those who did me wrong
  41. I'm a watcher of Odin,
  42. Sometimes I'm an Omen,
  43. I strike fear into all them,
  44. When my rhymes keep on flowin',
  45. Soon you'll be knowin'
  46. Where this is goin',
  47. To Nathan i'll be throwin'
  49. [Hook]
  50. This is the beginning,
  51. Nathan with Raven,
  52. Time has come to awaken,
  53. All you others be fakin',
  54. All you others are fakin', (quit fakin')
  55. quit fakin'
  57. [Verse] (Nathan)
  58. You all are fakers,
  59. You're worse than the lakers,
  60. Let me see your papers,
  61. We 'bout to shoot ya like it's space invaders,
  62. I've been at this for years,
  63. Y'all sound like Britney Spears,
  64. Don't wanna see your tears,
  65. Nobody cares,
  66. 'Bout your nightmares,
  67. Hope your fears,
  68. Rise up and bite ya,
  69. Leave ya skin raw,
  70. Try to find my flaws,
  71. Y'all so gay, you wear bras,
  73. [Verse] (Raven)
  74. I'm sure you'll hear
  75. That all my fears
  76. Are big and fierce
  77. But the truth is, they were never here
  78. As a puppeteer
  79. On another tier
  80. I'll commandeer
  81. A mighty ship
  82. we'll take a trip
  83. To see my home
  84. And my enemies' tombs




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