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Where credit is due

  1. I give credit where credit is due
  2. My worlds will stick in your brain like glue
  3. Respect is earned not given
  4. If you want it you can't be slippin
  5. I've been slippin on something super syrupy
  6. None have you have ever even heard of me
  7. I'm smoking the most potent green trees
  8. As I watch them get pollinated by the busy bees
  9. I'm climbing the rap ladder
  10. If you don't have bars then u don't matter
  11. With my sadistic smile you can call me the wicked mad hatter
  12. I take your weak words and dip them in honey batter
  13. You hate my lyrics I ask y u mad bro
  14. All these rappers make me feel like I have a shadow




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