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[Cypher] Time

  1. //(CHORUS:0:17) (x3)
  2. Time is a place where I find my grace
  3. Where I slide by hate, where I hide my face...
  4. Where, I lie and wait for a time...
  5. Another time, another time someplace...
  7. //(VERSE 1:0:50)
  8. Bye bye Time that I knew yesterday
  9. 'Cause yesterday was a press replay kinda day
  10. Heads were dazed, smiles stayed, in a way it was kinda creepy
  11. But the kinda creepy I was needing, kinda glad it happened
  12. I was bleeding from the sleeving of my shirt
  13. Thought it was my shoulder at first glance
  14. Till' I saw a burnt tan like a heart, hurts man
  15. But the start of it was a verbal slam
  16. Like wham, bam, thank you mam, man it was turbulent
  17. Had me like a tourniquet, but fuck it man I ain't worried
  18. So I hurried along to bury a song where my worry was gone
  19. Like a journey prolonged come to an end in a glourious pause
  20. The more that he paused, the more that he saw
  21. The more that he thought man the more he talked
  22. Of the tallest wall he thought to crawl, thinkin' out the box
  23. But now he's just thinkin' openin' the box is all he sought
  25. //(CHORUS:1:34)
  27. //(Verse 2:1:56)
  28. So now that he got it open hopin' he can focus
  29. Lots of people dope and he hopes he can show his
  30. Skill to a boat load of the oldest folks will he do it?
  31. Don't know, he's an opportunist cold flow like it's fluid
  32. So dope that we move it, coastin' through the tunage
  33. Fluent with the boostin of music, use it like a drug man i'm hooked in
  34. My mind has been tooken so ooh shit lets do this...
  35. 'Cause... Cause.... Cause.....
  36. Must... Must bust, like a motherfucker up, in this motherfucker
  37. Luck for my mother and her other son, my fuckin brother
  38. And my sister wish I was with her but, significant other
  39. Livin with her yup, she's my fuckin' lover...
  40. As time goes by you realize how many times things
  41. Change right before your eyes and I for one think time
  42. Can repeat anything it's tried so tried and true from I to you
  43. Don't spite the truth, if you like it too..
  45. //(CHORUS TO END:2:51)




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