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Hope you fall

  1. It takes time to write the lyrics
  2. I need to rhyme but I always seem to panic
  3. I can't rhyme but time always gives me the right word
  4. Other people always mime, get it? Copying only what they heard
  5. Isn't that very absurd? They are dying to find the right rhythm
  6. For all you people using the rhymes at the side you guys all suck
  7. Now go duck or I'll take a magnum to your head and shoot
  9. Spitting rhymes with time
  10. Flipping a dime to get the turn
  11. Now I'm climb ing to reach the top
  12. And I won't stop, hip hop is something I've always liked
  13. Now it's my time to strike back
  14. I pack a punch like you're mom always packs lunch
  15. Everyday I make a punch line ha
  17. This is a new verse but I did not curse at all
  18. That is why I stand tall and I wish to ball
  19. In time I will make it up top
  20. Now you guys all go mop
  21. Spot the difference at least I have diligence
  22. My intelligence higher than yours as I have worked hard over time
  23. All you guys have is a brain fart you guys are all swines




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