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as time goes by

  1. i hide my sadness behind a smile and no one knows
  2. they think I'm some happy 14 year old
  3. its my fault tho i chose not to show it
  4. i wish i was a rich kid ,a kid who has
  5. everything so i can dream big but i don't
  6. so ima work with what i got and what i got is
  7. a talent that my earn me a spot
  9. as time goes by i gotta think if it wasn't
  10. for my mom i counld've been on the street
  11. she taught me all i know and now she's not
  12. even here with me i can't belive it
  13. the women that made me who i am today
  14. and everyday i pray that she will come back to me
  16. as time goes by everybody makes mistakes
  17. and we gotta live up to them i miss the days mama
  18. the we shared mama i want you back you just don't even understand
  19. you ever lost someone your close to? someone who
  20. told you right from wrong left to right
  21. someone who will always be there even when they not there
  22. i did and that shits not fair




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