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  1. (START 0:56)
  2. a missile was dispatched and the location was near to close to say,
  3. they said the end was too near to the closing day,
  4. looking around we were humilated and used for prey,
  5. turn this all around,
  6. fighting back for every breath that lost its sound,
  7. for everyone that they tried to drown on the ground,
  8. this is an act of war so let the prosectuers better be warned,
  9. we wont go easy on em thats for sure,
  10. untill they understand the name and flag,
  11. and the concesquences they're actions had,
  12. you made us suffer so we'll give it back twice as bad,
  13. forget what you owned,
  14. forget what you had,
  15. i now dominate the land you had up for grabs,
  16. spark a flame,
  17. your town will never the same,
  18. as ashes will remain on the ground to stay,
  19. your voices were heard when you made the play,
  20. the forgotten ones is the ones you forgot to pay,
  21. your life on this planet is now existenent to stay,
  22. in hell i wish you a better place to stay,




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