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  1. stepped into the world?
  2. maybe you stepped out
  3. cause i checked this was hell without a doubt
  4. cause we all caught up in sin
  5. you trying win when we all dying within
  6. you saying God to believe in
  7. majority think they know
  8. but while they giving donations
  9. they in the parking lot doing blow
  10. you speaking of the hard life
  11. like theyll ever know
  12. but that life is what majority have
  13. and i dont think theyll go
  14. go into a broken system that only benefits the rich
  15. the drugs putting money in there pockets
  16. working at mac donalds cant buy you a switch
  17. sorry to tell you the worlds a bitch
  18. dont place no blame on the younger generation
  19. both are at fault for not going half and half in communication
  20. cause the old dont want to adapt
  21. and the young dont want to listen
  22. cause the young are going to live in a different world
  23. the old are going to be in remission




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