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  1. My emotions are dead,
  2. You know am sad,
  3. You know am not bad,
  4. My blood is also red.
  5. Why it's so hard you to get,
  6. My life has took a brake,
  7. Why so hard to make,
  8. The heart that got break,
  9. Drinking the shake,
  10. Made from blood shed,
  11. Am getting mad,
  12. Hitting myself with a bat,
  13. Leaning upside down like a bat,
  14. Running away like a rat,
  15. Behind me ther is cat,
  16. In a room am getting trapped,
  17. Getting stressed,
  18. Rats are getting grabbed,
  19. Getting back to land,
  20. There is so much sand,
  21. Things I loved,
  22. Getting banned,
  23. My happiness getting attacked,
  24. Now going in a flashback,
  25. Wanna give some throwback,
  26. When my life got off track,
  27. Wanna get it back,
  28. But it had been packed,
  29. It's hard to be dragged,
  30. my life is getting wrapped,
  31. Am getting smacked,
  32. Getting smashed,
  33. Getting stacked,
  34. Trapped,
  35. slapped,
  36. slammed,
  37. snapped,
  38. stressed,
  39. dead!
  40. My emotions are dead,
  41. You know am sad,
  42. You know am not bad,
  43. My blood is also red.




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