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The Winner

  1. I don’t want to talk
  2. About what I’m going through
  3. I don’t want to reflect
  4. I’ve lost all self respect
  5. I don’t want to gain
  6. I think I’ll remain
  7. I’ll keep playing
  8. The same old game
  9. I don’t want to lose
  10. What I have left
  11. I don’t want to right
  12. The mistakes I worked to get
  13. I don’t wanna move
  14. On from you
  15. You were my life
  16. Give us one more try
  17. No I
  18. I don’t wanna go
  19. With all of these regrets
  20. I don’t wanna hope
  21. If I’m not at my best
  22. Because
  24. The winner takes it all
  25. The loser's standing small
  26. Beside the victory
  27. That's our destiny
  29. I don’t want to talk
  30. If we’re just going to yell
  31. I don’t want to fight
  32. If both of us have failed
  33. I don’t wanna bleed
  34. That waters thicker to me
  35. Where’s our history?
  36. I don’t want to believe
  37. That it was all nothing
  38. All those happy times
  39. Was that another life
  40. No I know I
  41. Shouldn’t go there
  42. I don’t wanna think
  43. About anything beyond here
  44. Because I don’t wanna see
  45. Where we
  46. Went wrong………
  47. Because
  49. The winner takes it all
  50. The loser's standing small
  51. Beside the victory
  52. That's our destiny
  54. The winner takes it all….
  55. The winner takes it all….
  56. I have to take it all away
  57. Hey
  58. That was a hell of a ride
  59. We had a hell of time
  60. Trying to get heaven
  61. Paranoia volume dialed up to eleven
  62. On the crazy train I don’t know where the fuck that we’re heading
  63. Yes
  64. Get your head in the game
  65. Last few years
  66. I kept my head in my brain
  67. Stuck in it
  68. Stuck in this puddle of shit
  69. But I’m used to it that’s breakfast up in this bitch
  70. Like raisins in the grain I’m up in the mix
  71. But fuck the fecal it don’t matter
  72. Fuck the people and get the power
  73. Because
  74. The winner don’t get paid by the hour
  75. So get it over with
  76. Backstab your friends
  77. Don’t make amends
  78. Don’t try to pretend
  79. You’re not who you is
  80. (I don’t care)
  81. You can’t stop it even if you did
  82. The truth is
  83. Nothing much matters to me
  84. It never did
  85. All I need is the win
  87. Abba:
  88. (So the winner)
  89. (Takes it all)
  90. (And the loser)
  91. (Has to fall)
  92. (Throw a dice)
  93. (Cold as ice)
  94. (Way down here)
  95. (Someone dear)
  96. (Takes it all)
  97. (Has to fall)
  98. (It seems plain)
  99. (Why complain)
  101. Abba:
  102. I don't wanna talk
  103. About things we've gone through
  104. Though it's hurting me, now it's history




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