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Loneliness Kills

  1. I wake up
  2. Look in the mirror
  3. Take one look at the figure
  4. River runnin' down my cheek wonderin' whether I'll ever configure
  5. I walk alone
  6. Hopin' to see the bigger picture
  7. I start to slur as my world comes to a blur
  8. My inner becomes sinister when I begin to deliver
  9. Then I see her
  10. Wishin' I was her sir
  11. I can see her deep in my future
  12. But I've still got my finger on the trigger with a bottle of liquor
  13. It's the middle of winter
  14. My clothes beginning to feeling thinner
  15. Just wishin' for once I could be a winner
  16. But instead I shiver wondering what I will get for dinner




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